princewilliam3 (Prince) Edit

princewilliam3 or Prince as he likes to be called started out a number of years ago as what most people are in the beginning a "noob". He quickly became one of the most popular players of that time period. He and a few other friends made their first town Lak which is still there with pretty much no changes. After playing for a few months he disappeared.

Towns Edit

Prince currently owns 3 towns which are list in chronological order below:


GreenArena (Formerly Princes Petting Zoo)

The Prince-less 8bitmmo Edit

In this era of around 1 year Prince disappeared from 8bitmmo and was assumed dead. This was a great time of large updates and improvements to the game. Prince still regrets missing it.

The Return of Prince Edit

In 2014 Prince returned to his kingdom of once loyal subjects and was greeted by very few of the remaining "survivors". Throughout the whole year he returned on and off amassing a great fortune with occasional hard work.

The 2nd Prince-less 8bitmmo Edit

This was from late 2014 to early 2015. Prince again disappeared from the face of the map nowhere to be seen.

The 2nd Return of Prince Edit

This happened shortly before the writing of this article (May 2015). Prince returned yet again to a completely new 8bitmmo with almost no-one he had once known. The only people who knew him now where pretty much only the moderators.

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