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Pygmypi is a Bitizen from the game 8BitMMO. He is best known for getting his own page here for no apparent reason.

Notable Publicpads Edit

PlatStore Edit

Pygmypi is the current owner of Platinum Store at </tele PlatStore>, a store designed to allow players to purchase Platinum Items, typically Mystery Box items, for cheaper. His best friend/brother, Rexythedino, occasionally helps out, but is rarely active.

Sales Edit

July 1st, 2016 - ?: Blowout Sale on most items.

PygGames/PacMan Edit

On rare occasions, Pygmypi would host games such as Roll of Fate or PacMan Bounty Deathmatch. These will mainly be held at </tele PygGames> and </tele PacMan>, respectively.

Quote Signs Edit

Pygmypi is also best known for his Quote Signs. These come in the regular form of a sign, but with a special quote that was typed by somebody earlier in time. These quotes are usually humorous, ranging from typos to phrases that make people go "That's what he/she said." These are normally available for 1,000g (2016) or 1,200g (2015) in </tele PlatStore>

Example: "just spawning in my butt" - Chris_Ramos 2015

Price List for </tele PlatStore> Edit

Here are the following prices (Non-Sale Prices)

1 Platinum Items Edit


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