8bitmmo is split into regions, a single region is 16x16 blocks. Each region normally can contain a total of 1001 blocks. During octoberbit 2013, backers who backed $100 received a 2k block per each $50 spent (so if you spent $200 you would receive 4) and the 2k block returned during october bit 2014 (also $100 minimum and $50 per 2kblock) but this time they came along with the +250 expand block which you could receive 4 instead of a single 2kblock. The 2kblock can be placed in a town and only activated by players with official status or higher. The 2kblock will expand the limit of blocks allowed to be placed in the region that the block was activated in, to 2000 blocks instead of 1001, whereas the +250 only adds 250 to the region, still capping at 2000 blocks per region. During bitmas 2014, a telepad was linked to root where you could go to draco the archiclaus' town and he would give you a bitmas present. Inside the bitmas present was a plat item excluding clothing, races and townstones. In those presents you could also receive a 2k block or +250 expand block. Mystery boxes' rare mode can also grant you a 2k block or +250 expand block. The blocks are currently in the shop with the 2k block priced at 15 platinum and the +250 block at 5 platinum.


+250 expand block


2k expand block

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