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Quote:" Where are your Gods now?"[]

So.... You think Sim9 is a ordinary Game Creator. You know nothing of the hidden wars. In the Year 2012, there was a faithful servant. His name was Kronos, and one day, he desired more then being a Angel.

He sent a war against Sim9 and the new Demi-Gods, who couldn't control their powers yet. Chaos and Trolololo, who fell into a trap, became consumed by Shadows.... And became Kronos' Servants. In the war, Sim9 sealed his Activeness so it lured Kronos forever. But, he was the void that surrounded the world. Players fell through the void, forever to be returned. As they died, Kronos said: "Where are your Gods now, players?".

Quote:" Thy barriers may stop me, but my followers WILL FREE ME!"[]

Sim9, finally destroying the last bug of Kronos' Army, put a barrier so players did not fall through the void. At last, Kronos yelled " Thy barriers may stop me, but my followers WILL FREE ME!". Sim9, emphatic and in fear, gave Kronos a day where his worshipers shall be not persecuted and able to pray. This day was October 31st and it was named, Halloween.

Beware worshipers of Sim9, KRONOS WILL BE FREE!.