I am a long-time playing player of Scratso and have a wide knowledge of all the small intricacies of the game. I enjoy programming as a hobby and have multiple interests, such as for the modern world and its future as a home to humans. I am quite down-to-earth though I used to have some issues with Zooty though we eventually earned each other's respect and began to get along with each other. Scratso now co-owns Spike Island with Meep, much to the annoyance of Scratso and has restored it back to its former glory.

In-game Statistics
Gender Male
specialization Programming
Skills Building, Politics, Law, Programming, Computers. destroying pussy.
Favorite city Scratlantis / Spike Island
Join date Saturday 15th September 2012
Personal Info
Real name Damian Heaton
Location United Kingdom / England
Birthday 20th August 2002
Additional info Old player, very famous
I further own an additional 4 more towns, with Scratsonia being my first town for me to have founded in the game. It exists to the left of Root and is now a historical town, to be left untouched due to the [idk] in it of some famous [idk] who have left and due to its age, having been founded in [idk]

My largest town is Stratsonia, which offers region-sized plots (16x16) for 50g. It's available with /tele Scratsonian, however it's in =66 which restricts its citizens to levels 4+ only.

I also own the quest town, Scratty. Spike Mountain is located to the left of Spike Island, hence the name. It's a large mountain with a little inside area with some constructions built by me, with an access charge of no. to help pay for maintenance of the mountain. The quest involves reaching the [idk] without being killed by the cloud's lasers, or the mobs on the side of the mountain.

Fixed by: Actually Charles

=== I'm in love,
I'm in love,
I'm in love with a girl,
That's what's the matter with me 
I'm in love, 
I'm in love, with a beautiful girl, 
But she don't give a darn about me
to make her love me I tried,
How I sighed and I cried 
But she just refused 

And ever since she's gone away,
I've got those lovesick blues ===

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