Disclaimer: The following content is totally not written by setk

Setk began like the typical noob. Asking dumb questions, as a white rectangle. After not much time, Setk quickly took up farming, and saved up 50,000 gold without buying any plat items. Then, after constantly being treated like dirt, by many of the regular players at that time, he quit. Around 2 months later, he returned again, and begun his journey to greatness. Buying his first town in =66 from shcky, he started a nice looking town, called Termina, and got it expanded by CrisisIdentity. Due to his realisation that it is difficult to get citizens in a lvl 4+ only town, he went on to buy a townstone, and placed it in his pocket universe, and it was named Gerudo Valley. This town ran much smoother than his old one, and gained a couple citizens. However, shortly after the town was founded, the easter egg hunt began. Setk was the first player to realize that you could place the egg, or trade them, and grab another one. So he farmed many of them, and filled most of his town with them. The town was no longer a functional town, and became his storage, mostly for eggs. Much later, with more towns under his belt, including Kakariko Village (/tele kv) it became simply a mock-shrine for eggs and was renamed Egg (/tele egg). Setk was well known mostly for his eggs, but he wanted to be known for more than just his large collection of eggs. In a town he had received from an old player named Timelapse, he decided to form his corporation, rental co, which was a great help to many noobs, being able to rent safes, publicpads, and even towns, for a small fraction of their usual cost. Later he moved his dire farm there (/tele dire) and began forming one of the largest and most well known towns of modern 8bitmmo. Setk has always wanted to find new things to make, with what he has in 8bitmmo, and has always being innovative. He has made many useful projects, such as the first recycling center (/tele recycle) he found a way to farm mobs slightly faster (and later it became required for all farms, due to mobs losing 1 block in range) and even a mail system (/tele mail). He constantly finds something helpful (or amusing to make). He has spent hours forming bridges across the landmasses in western =66 (signing them along the way ;P) and even made a giant laser, called the Megalaser 2.0. Nowadays Setk is inactive, but comes on once in a while.

Note: Setk's favourite block is Marble.

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