İ am SharpSorrow13 The mayor of wilderness town named SorrowVille to see u can type /tele SorrowVille

my real name is uğurcan i am from Turkey ,birth date 25:05:1994 İ get Venlafaxine and quatiapine from Major Depression

İ enjoy to help noobs,i was noob-helper in Age of wulin(same name) ,Mortal online(MedicScout,TheKnife,SilentMonk,Meleescout,SorrowMage,Sorrowsword,Sorrowbow,sharpscout) and other games,I am %100 Asocial since i was 13 Computer is my best friend all of my life ;=).İ write poems in turkish http://www.edebiyatdefteri.com/siir/828947/olum

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