The leader and founder of Team Aqua, an organization dedicated to the flooding of the world and the worship of Kyogre, he spends most of his time grinding out gold to deck out his hide out and to continue the one and only goal of flooding the world. He has good reason of flooding the world though, says that "Everywhere is too crowded. People are reduced to living in tiny shacks. Me and my men must place every block on the ground and flood the world, so all will be calm and the world restored! We trust you will understand..." His hideout, Sacred Omens, is the base in which Team Aqua enacts all of its organizing and the plotting of oceanic expansion. He currently only has 1 crew mate, Hawktalon, but is actively looking for more people to join the driving force to expand the world. He is always wearing a blue vest, as all Team Aqua members do. He is also an outspoken enemy of the undead, saying "There is a reason for things to die, to restore balance. Zombies are ruining this world by returning to life, thus requiring mass expansion. And now we have team aqua." If you see him in the wild, he won't attack unless you attack first, or wear a red chestplate. Water beats lava, all i'll say. He is also looking to buy platinum, for whatever reason. If you would like to donate to the world's flooding, please message him while he is online, and he will gladly accept your homage to him and Team Aqua.

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