Tutorial Zombie

Sir Zombie Brains

Robby Zinchak has developed this NPC known as Sir Zombie Brains, replacing Tutorial Zombie (Deceased). This NPC can be seen and interacted with in the town of Root.


Sir Zombie Brains potentially brings an unlimited numbers of quests. When you first meet him in Level 1, he will give you either a quest to claim a rewardblock in the Office of LOL & LOL, or a quest to slay LawyerCats. In Level 2, he does the same for Hipsters in Psy's dungeon. For Level 3 and above, he gives out user-made quests. 


Not a whole lot is known about Sir Zombie Brains other than the fact that he quickly took over the job of Tutorial Zombie after he died of tutorial related causes. 

Some believe him to actually have murdered Tutorial Zombie in an effort to obtain his job. Most others simply see him as a sutable replacement to the worn out Zombie. 

Possible answers to Tutorial Zombie, and Sir Zombie Brains replacementEdit

There are many theories on why Tutorial Zombie disappeared. It is currently known as a fact that Tutorial Zombie died, and Sir Zombie Brains took his place. A notable theory is Sug3r's. That Sir Zombie Brains could possibly be immediate family of Tutorial Zombie, and thus volunteering to take his place.

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