Smeltery (aka crafting, cooking, etc) is a process where you place an block or raw meat on an Oven to transform it into something else (delicious).

Smeltery ProcessEdit

When you place a specific block on the Oven, it will turn into another block. The block you want to create depends on the block you put on it.

Recipes Edit

Block you put on Time Block Recieve
Small Concrete (aka Block) About 10 seconds Road
Grass About 10 seconds Dirt
Snow About 15 seconds Water
Sand About 10 seconds Glass
Raw Meat About 10 seconds (1st stage)

About 30 seconds (2nd stage)

Cooked Meat (1st stage) (Dark red)

Burned Meat (2nd stage) (Dark)

Notes Edit

The higher block (2 normal blocks height) has the same process time as the normal block.

Tips Edit

This is a great way to save Gold. For example, you need 500g to buy 100 Road, but now all you need is 100 Blocks, then craft Road one-by-one, as this will take you 100g and about 17 minutes. However, you need to spend 1 Platinum (or 1000 to 2000 gold to buy from another player) to buy an oven.

Trivia Edit

  1. Big concrete (known as Concrete in the shop) is the only "bigger version" of block in the list that can't be used to craft, since there isn't a "bigger version" of Road.
  2. Realistically, Road is made by melting Plastic, not by melting Small Concrete (Block)
  3. Raw Meat is the only item in the list that has 5 different animations when cooking.
  4. Crafting Raw Meat is also considered a way to cook Raw Meat into "Edible Meat" (although we can consume Raw Meat to restore HP) 
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