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Sorrowville is a civilization in the wilderness. It was created by SharpSorrow13.The creation date of Sorrowville was 25.06.2014. Now days the town hosts over 30 citizens.

Sorrowville is a newbie friendly and economical city.We have a public safes for SorrowVille citizens.Sorrowville citizens can teleport sorrowville by typing /tele sv it makes u teleport to the Sorrowville Asylum

SorrowVille is the biggest town in game (UNCOMFIRMED)[]

The Citizen list of SorrowVille

What makes a town a town are citizens.

 :XxLostNovaxX, powersteel, Nikon_Sofin, Gutlessobject3(Youtuber-TrollingUGames), kye, Dshi009, SweetTastyRools, Brendarson, fkhan360, Ethan OBrein, TheonlyMrMan, Jakubix, MrBearz, Mare, Raul1014, Mecaitn, somantasi, yamankaki2B, Thorniskh,Kaikaox, kmarcusm Zorrea,lolplayer, worgen112,robotcookies,unquackable,Howtonope,mindofevil,Shiplover43,Blokorz3,Mr.Chairc,lordoffire,bruiserbaby,rockyjabba,Braden45661,Metalstriker,Snipster109,jackbshard,Mroswaldo360,doomnater,hodginator


this list may not include all of the citizens

marco_cute23 is a Vice mayor and he helped SorrowVille

Rules and Payment

1-The mayor may destroy your building if it is MOSTLY unfinished in one week

2-The finished buildings are permanent and immune

3-Building on another's area is unforgivable u will pay for it 500 gold to me and to the citizen who u sabotage

if u fastly solve your problem u get warning and u dont pay

4-Our prices may change from second to next second but we are still cheapest(not sure)

5-Harming or trying to capture safes means permanent losing rights on safes

6-if u dont build your area in one week if it is sabotaged i refuse responsibility it is your bad

SorrowVille Bounty Pvp-Arena(Official town)

has been built by Sharpsorrow13, marco_cute23, Geo2001 and helped by jimbobjoe, Legobox.Anyone can go

type /tele sv and use white zone telepad

SorrowVille Cheshires Hotel(Official town)

İ have created a hotel in the Cheshires corner mayor of this town is Cheshire Jade and i am vice.Green zone telepad teleports u to in hotel

Hotel payment

Shared rooms:15 gold a day,75 week,225 month

Seperated rooms:25 gold a day,125 week,375 month

King rooms:35 gold a day ,180 gold week,540 month

Sorrowville upgradement

1-Added 2 big public container

2-Sorrowville is full capacity.This city will not make join citizen no longer(only for plot,hotel still aviable)

3-/tele sorrowville changed to /tele sv

4-Added reward block in unofficial side of town