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Sprawlia was created in late November 2013 by the mayor ChocoSparrowon =66. The town was created as a small secondary town in =66, with the original embassy east of Origin. However, a larger version was created in Unum. A link to the town can be found in the embassy in /tele unum. The embassy can be found by going south until you find a building with a part black tile roof.


All buildings in Sprawlia are built in 10x10 "lots". The small size of these is designed to encourage new growth, as there is almost always new room. This may limit sizes of other utilities, so the Sprawlia Park is 23x10. Sprawlia Tower, the main council building, stays within the 10x10 rule and therefore has many floors, the wooden construction making the average floor costing approximately 750 gold.


ChocoSparrow (mayor)