Starmanfan is a 13-year old n00b player who joined in late 2014. When he first began on steam, he tried to get a bitmas present, only to be rejected due to him being too new of a member, and since there wasn't much to do, with plat not being as easy as it is to get today. He ended up going on a 2-month hiatus from the game. Later on in February, he came back, and with mystery boxes, started getting back in the groove of things. Getting a wildepad on his first mystery box helped him to stay in the game. Not long after, he got his first townstone, and within a week, the Nation of Termine was at it's first, even buying plat for it's expansion, and getting the ninja mask. He is currently semi-inactive, considering the game's status, and has taken up drawing and nuzlocking instead. occasionally popping in, and sometimes being glued to the monitor. His favorite town is "Nyeh heh heh!". He loves to see members on such as Kralereth, SapphireCoyote, or TheDarknessFury. He also has a passion for the game of doorspleef and has created an arena for it. He can be very selfish and stubborn at times, but he's also caring for others. He is a lazy farmer and usually relies on selling plat items to stay in the non-broke class. He made a bridge for Termine to connect to a neighboring island, made all out of stools, and is now being renovated to have a section for a different island. His favorite weapon is the pixel pistol, and he is one of the best pistol users. His account has already seen 3 years of time, and he hopes it gets to see much more. He is also a gold hoarder, as he has a safe with around 0 gold in it (Spent it all on Undertale Pixel art), and usually hates to spend it, just in case of the 8bit Apocalypse. He gives all of his allegiance to RS, and with his PvP Skills and high rank, he is one of the RS elites, currently building "Jade's Shield RS Base".


He is one of the only few who have defeated the mystical and legendary SapphireCoyote with a pixel gun (it was a gun battle) and the other two people known to defeat SapphireCoyote are LegoBox and Chris_Ramos. Apparently SapphireCoyote denies these claims but somewhere out there is a shrine to the three players.

He has also made a MASSIVE Papyrus Pixel art, in =68, at /tele undertale

He also has a bunch of plans and ideas for the future to come, but some, as of now, are just dreams...

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