Sug3r was sent from the great Sim9 to combat the far reaches of evil and maintain balance. At first he did not realize this but over time he discovered his purpose and destiny.--Excerpt from The Encyclopedia 8bitia


Sug3r is a talented builder known to make homes, and take in weary travelers. You can find his mansion in Herbville (created by shcky) And his LARGER
  • Over sized Sug3r
  • Sug3r, discovering The Void (search for The Void on this wiki to know more about it)
  • Over sized Sug3r close-up!
  • An old pic of Sug3r in his small house in Herbville
  • Sug3r, next to his house in his T.E.W.G uniform
  • Sug3r in Fridgeville
  • "A picture of Dr. Evil with RobbyZ's face" by Sug3r
mansion in Fridgetopia (created by Sug3r)


Sug3r taught himself to play, and started out as a reckless traveler going on adventures to towns and the great wilderness, and always getting into trouble, and also started as a troller (example): leaving unsuspecting player's fridges open, leaving laptops on in other peoples homes.However if he got cornered by someone he would do as much as  fight them to the death until they rage quit. He also avenges citizens today after he quit trolling because he was driven from the clan. As time went on however, he became an adventurer with plans. He rarely ever shows his face under an assortment of masks. He is also the guardian of 8BitMMO. He is mostly a secretive shadowlurker and when he's not spying on unsuspecting people he's watching Spaceships VS Cofee. His mostly used home islocated in Herbville but he actually has a town: Fridgeville, at /tele Fridgeville. His brother is Romeep. Sug3r has never been known to turn down a challenge, whether it be building, or PVP, and even PVE. He's friends with: Romeep, Value, Madman2002, Dragonslayerwei,  JO3BROH, ToxicPenguin, shcky, and SnakeZXZ. Sug3r is most prone to using the Desktop edition of the game, allowing him to log in at faster speeds. Sug3r these days is a well known and hospitable player, and is helpful to players such as mryoda, helping him build Yoda Paradise at /tele yoda. Sug3r will not rest until 8BitMMO is the best it can be. He knows the secret of Alex82.

Trivia         Edit

  • Sug3r first fought a griefer for tricking someone and trapping them with promise of a reward block.
  • Sug3r is doing his best to become the greatest fighter in all of 8BitMMO.
  • Sug3r is the leader of: The Epic Wizards Guild.
  • Sug3r uses his homestone to get to Herbville but his Pocket Universe to get to Fridgetopia via root.
  • Sug3r is the author of War and Adventure.
  • Sug3r is now striving to make himself look like Batman


Dangerous?:Yes very dangerous approach with extreme caution!                                                     

Personality: Mostly secretive yet social

Helpful?: Definitley!

PVP expertise (1-10):7

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