For this directory to be useful for navigation, understanding and supplying some extra infomation is recommended.
To that end, the destination tables provide additional fields described below.



Section coordinates are fine, but zipcodes were developed specifically for ease of communication, and are preferred. Any location within the hub, or even the townstone is accurate enough for this purpose, although larger towns might benefit from distinguishing between distant areas.


This is mainly concerned with freedom of movement for non-privileged players. The player needs to know whether a route will actually work as they intended.
In the following,

  • "walk out" means walk freely to unenclosed wilderness.
  • Respawn and towntele do not count as legitimate teleports for this purpose.

The list is short rather than exhaustive or precise for ease of use, although more might added as needed.


The player can walk out and back in.

no exitEdit

The player cannot walk out or teleport elsewhere.

no returnEdit

The player can walk out but not return.


Teleport is the only exit.


A hub is any cluster of mutually accessible telepads with usefully diverse destinations. The total number is arbitrary, but should be judged by how many are visible at once (Root being an exception for other reasons).
It can be helpfully qualified further as "open hub" or "closed hub".

Alternatives Edit

In some cases, one of the following might be more appropriate.

one-way: The player can walk out, but only by passing a one-way obstacle.
node: Closed, but with an alternative telepad to an open destination.
maze: Closed as part of a maze.

Town NameEdit

Only official, code-enforced towns should be entered here. Wilderness is left entirely blank.
The only exception is for telepads to official towns that are outside the current boundary, but still close, which are entered in parens, thus, "(TownName)"
Another field is provided for informal names.

Other detailsEdit

Some tables will include space for extra information. This is mainly to highlight the particular significance of otherwise indistinguishable destinations, concisely. It is not intended for roleplay or advertising for visitors.

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