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"Greetings everyone. Today is the day where we reveal our new, latest mobs. With the help of famous scientists such as Dr. Dromedario and Scientist PsychoticSmiley, we've created the dominant. The next generation of mobs. With enhanced HP levels, new combat skills and wiser brains. I give you, the Game Reviewers and the Dire Game Reviewers." - RobbyZ

I covered my ears as the crowd of 8bitmmo cheered at the magnificent creation of the Game Reviewers. The humongous smiles as they stare intensely at the new "work of art". "Isn't this great!", Trololo yelled to me as he hopped in the air to get a better glimpse at the "animals". His voice came through my hands, so I removed it and allowed all the sound waves to enter. I started to tiptoe to get a historical look at the creatures in their glass cage, fiercely trying to break out and rip RobbyZ apart. Robby allowed some members of the audience and give a go of stabbing the creature. The crowed cheered louder when the gentlemen killed the innocent animal. You can see at least the whole world coming at this event. At least 75 thousand. Heads jumping and different color shirts scattered around the crowd like we were all big pixels. Beneath your feet, you can definitely feel the vibration of the crowd as the microphones picked it up. People bumping and rubbing each other, though they didn't mind, for that wasn't what their eyes were glued on. 

As you looked around, all you can see is heads and the grand wood stage standing at the center or Origin with Sim9 and his "slaves" there as well along with PsychoticSmiley, Dromedario, and some other passionate scientists and doctors and what not. On the banner that stood directly above Sim9 was the message, "Introducing: New Humans". Clearly, he wanted them to resemble humans so it can be more entertaining to kill. What a society I live in. The only thing that can get some people to have fun is killing some fake species that was created from the blue. What's life in this world? 

I turned myself around and tele-ported to Section 17, where I noticed Sage in his home. I entered the white, ancient home with luxurious windows and a small pond just to the right. I walked my way up the imperfect walkway and entered it without knocking on the smooth wooden door. "Why weren't you there at the event, Sage?" I began. He was busy writing something, so it took a while to respond. He placed his pen to the side and with his chair, swung around to face me. "As you can see, I am busy with some other things that have greater value than watching Robby reveal 'them'," Sage said. "It's not like I can't see them any other time." I took a look around at his interior with red carpet and his name printed out on the carpet. And the spiral steps as if it would lead you to Heaven. "Yea, but what gets to me is how they make it look just like us. I thought the Hipster creation was as far as they would go, but the Game Reviewers and the Dires just crossed the line. It is as if they are our brothers. Enhanced thinking, perfection on the combat. Is he trying to kill us or something?" I explained. 

As soon as I said that, Trololo busted through the door with a couple of his friends, Meep, Coolnes, and Sibsu. "That...was...incredible!" Meep screamed. "I mean, what they made was so amazing. Did you touch it Zloc? It has the same skin texture as us. How do they make these stuff?" Meep started to breath heavily as he took no breaks revealing his thoughts. "And the Dire was so bad ass like. PsychoticSmiley said he had to use some of Draco's blood to create this monster. Silk black skin and a mind of its own. Fascinating." Coolnes said. 

I re-pictured the Game Reviewers and the Dires. One had a perfect white skin that stood about 5'8. Its rough-looking hands and perfectly fitting hat on its head. Must be for laughter that Sim9 would include such accessories to a creature that would be killed as soon it is in the open. Just like the Cats with its $300 suit as if it was an actual lawyer being paid top bucks to be killed with one strike of a sword. And for the Dire, it was basically the same. Its 6'0 body and a face looking as vicious as it can be. Guess they purposely put that too along with its matching hat with its skin. 

We talked some more about the creations. I tried to keep my negative thoughts out of it because they were really into the conversation and would devour you if you said anything bad about it. Grim stepped into the conversation an hour after. That's right, we talked for an hour about the annoying topic that I'm sure would be ringing in my head for weeks to come. You'll start hearing news reports about it and live battles with the beast to show that humanity is the most dominate species on Earth and anywhere else. Well, they will regret that for sure being show-offs and what not. It's not as if I am racist to my own kind, it's just that they are not taking things that serious, that's all. What's next? A 2000 pound 20 foot tall beast that humans "can" beat? Or ghost-like creatures that humans "can" beat as well. "Hey, does anyone want to head to the laboratory? Psy is letting us in for a peek so we can see how everything is created." Everyone jumped out of their seats once they heard the offer and hopped into Grim's Benz. 

Chapter 1[]

We rode into the dungeon, though took a different route into an underground tunnel into the hidden zones. We passed by many Cats and we had a go at them, pushing them to the ground or just killing them for fun. I can't deny that I too did this. It is the humans natural instincts when they see a Cat. Though, I do appreciate overall what Sim and all the other people are doing to make humans feel more dominant, as I say again.

Psy greeted us at the entrance and ran a few guidelines about the tour. Hands to our self, no touching unaware material and no violence. After that, we had to be scanned for weapons because they are concerned about the protection of their experiments. There goes our friendship. It's basically saying that the monsters first, humans seconds. Just like an old lady with hundreds of cats as her minions. As soon as the group stepped inside, the cold air of AC draped on my face and the 100% clean air came with it, burning my nose a little. You're eyes would literally burn when you go from the cloudy sky to the pure white light beaming from everywhere. And the perfect polished floors and walls, . . . and windows too.

In the distance you can see the Game Reviewers and Dires from the window in a gloomy position or swaying back and forth, staring at anyone passing by. Poor them, I would say to myself in my mind. Knowing that if I were to say it out loud so everyone can hear, I would be getting some awkward attention that wouldn't be pleasant for the rest of the tour. "Wow, that guy has some sympathy for a monster", one guy would say. "What a girl", another one would admit. And it would be true. A man in this world having such sympathetic heart will not be picked on a team if it comes to Team Deathmatch. "Okay, everyone follow me. Keep your hands to yourself, now." Psy demanded.

The first area we crossed was the "Cell Development". "Here," Psy began, "is the place where everything begins. With the help of Eld, we took brain cells and skin cells from an individual like yourselves and added a few other from Hipsters and Cats. From there, we let it grow until it becomes an embryo." We watched a video of the development. The tiny cell that can barely seen concealed in a purple-like thin substance that is in the shape of a ball. And what the ball was in was a material almost as if it was clear Jello, holding everything together. As the video sped up, you can see the cell within the ball continue to expand and metamorphosed into something that looks like a human, though with white skin. 'And it continued to grow and grow until it was recognized as being a young Game Reviewer.

Just then, 'Eld rushed up to Psy and started to talk with him, silently. After the brief discussion, Psy started to speak again. "Gentlemen, you have chosen the best time to arrive as we are planning to have a very important experiment regarding the Dires. Please follow me. Quickly." 

Once we arrived at the area, we were forced to put on these glasses and "lab suits" that had all these layers. Protection is key in this facility, they must have something very vicious that makes us have to wear about 6 layers of cotton. And I say that sarcastically. In front of us was a extremely large window, just cleaned with a lonely Dire on the other side  vicious Dire on the other side. It's body tight strapped on the table with locks on the straps. About 10 on them on each strap. There shows their mind of safety to humans. Finally, that's a good thing.

Eld began to speak, "At this time, you are going to witness an extraordinary modification in the Dires. We are about insert a custom gene that will not only made the Dires act like us humans, but have a upgraded body system them us including more athleticism and intelligence than us. This is an experiment, so we have no clue what is to happen to them. That's why we are here right now. Ready to watch the magic. " 

"Wait!" Sage interrupted. "Doesn't that mean they are more sophisticated than us in many ways possible? This is absurd. What if all hell breaks lose. What if this experiment causes a dramatic change in their behavior that may harm humanity?" Eld and Psy started to chuckle a little bit, but nobody else did, besides Trololo, who was silently laughing his ass of.  But nobody else did maybe because they had little understanding of the aim then anyone else. All we knew is that there was a Dire created by people so we can just stick our forks into them. And I guess they knew that their life was endangered by this experiment, so it wasn't a surprise when Sibsu took a step back, away from the window. "Don't worry my friend," Psy said with a wide grin. "This facility was meant for crap like that. All we have to do is pull the 'Emergency' button and 'Blam'. Problem solved." Blam. What does that mean? The explosion of the whole facility, maybe? 

Then Sage turned to me and being to speak under his breath. "Why the hell are they making these shits stronger, more athletic, and intelligent than us? Are they trying to kill us or something?" I knew Sage also had a problem about the Game Reviewers and the Dires. He's a very pre-cautious guy, I guess. Thinks smart and knows exactly what to do when it comes to a decision that is concerning his life. "I don't know man," I said innocently. "Robby is a very cool guy, so I guess he has something up his sleeves right now. -" "Or they are all acting dumb. This whole thing is ridiculous. I know you know that the Dires were far enough, and I know ya know that this crap is off."

Robby then came into the room. "Is everything set? I want to see some magic!" We all congratulated him for his marvelous creation and all that stuff. Well, most of us, but Sage just gave him a quick handshake, though didn't speak to him or anything. Guess he was still aggravated at the whole thing. We placed our anti-radiation goggles on and waited as Eld started to count down. I looked at the Dire. Strapped tight on the clear, cold table as he fidgeted to get out. The large needle was located above him, ready to pierce his arm. "3 2 1 .  ." And the button was pressed. The needle lowered slowly as a green liquid was inside. Gently it pierced the Dire, as you heard the frantic screaming inside that almost sounded like a human. 

It fidgeted with increased force some more as the needle was raised. "It's complete" Psy said as the crowd clapped. I was looking at Sage as he slowly got closer, examining the Dire. His eyes glued to all of the Dires movement, fingers on his chin, just staring. Then, he quickly took out a notepad from his highly numbered pocketed khakis and began to write, intensely, looking at the Dire once in a while. After they saw Sage moving, they then started to crept up, slowly with their eyes glued to the window.

The Dire moved recklessly as he fell to the floor with the table, though still strapped. "That was bolted down with diamonds," RobbyZ murmured. Sibsu and I turned to him, after noticing what he said. He stared back at us, with a weird, embarrassed-like face after he noticed we heard them. He quickly moved away from us, and went over to privately talk to Psy, glancing at us once in a while. All of a sudden, the Dire stopped moving. "That is what I call BRILLIANT!" Eld yelled. "Pause now Eld, we don't even know the condition he is at this point.The POISON might has overran his own DNA and release a deadly gene that killed him. You must modify that liquid you got there, and most likely make it more better than humans. Ya know?" Sage explained. Nobody responded to his concern about the Dire. I felt the pain of Sage as he slowly moved back, back against the wall, just staring at the Dire over the heads of others. "Anyone want to go check?" Eld asked all of a sudden. Trololo raised his hands as if that was the greatest opportunity of a lifetime. Eld provided Trololo with a red sword and led him into the entrance of where the Dire laid.

"Now, all you have to do is poke it a little and if it starts to move alot, as if it wants to kill you, just kill it." Psy explained. To me it was like Trololo wasn't even paying attention to what the educated scientist tried to tell him as he bursted through the door and ran to the Dire. You can see the joyful expression on his face when the door was opened. As if he was a child obtaining an ice-cream with three scoops of different flavors. "This is crazy," Sage whispered to me. I understood exactly what he was talking about. Them scientists letting a civilian in to test whether the Dire was dead or not. So much for all these safety precautions. So, what if Trololo gets injured in here, do we experience the "Blam"? Though, I didn't respond to him, ranting more about the Dire and safety as if he didn't know already.

Trololo did start to poke at it for a while, and kick and get close to it as if it was domestic. Poor Trololo. I guess the roller coaster seems to be having some difficulties. Well, at least we didn't witness horror with our eyes. "Well, it looks dead to ... " All of a sudden, the Dire bursted out of the straps and flew to Trololo. It slammed him to the floor and you could hear Trololo screaming in pain. You could have definitely hear Trololo's body being slammed to the freshly polished floor. I clenched my teeth after imagining me going through that. Trololo is a tough guy, I guess. Though, very independent and he always wants to stay that way. 

I stared at the crowd as they watched. Their eyes, still glued to the screen as if it was just a movie and not their "friend's" life in danger. "Isn't anybody going to do something?" Sibsu complained. He raised his hand to his mouth after saying this. A very cautious guy. He gets things done, though very cautious. The group stood still, turning to each other for answers. I laid my eyes upon the "scientists and doctors" who were doing the same thing the small group was doing. What leaders. I shook my head and continued to watch. But why? Something didn't want me to go and save Trololo, but what? I guess we were all paralyzed by this event, realizing that all we said as a kid, being the person to save someone wasn't as accurate as we thought.

Trololo reached for the sword that fell about two inches away from him. You can see his arms desperately reaching for it, as if it was his only hope. Because, it was his only hope. After grabbing it, he stabbed the uncontrollable "person" at his sides until he was able to push it off. Thick blood was splattered onto the sword and ground as the beast finally took his hands off of Trololo, and fell on his back, tired from the stabbing. 

He stood up immediately and ran for the door, banging on it as he looked over his shoulder watching the Dire get up slowly.He banged recklessly, and you can see the remember able face he made as he banged. He was as scared as can be. Face sort of scrunched up, as if he was preparing to cry. "Open up!" Trololo yelled as we all rushed to the door. As we struggled to open it, Trololo let out a horrible scream. We soon we able to get it open and Trololo literally jumped on us as he tried to get away from the beast. We shut the door tight and Psy kept his back against it to add some more pressure.

We were all silent for a while as he couldn't think of anything to say such as, "Are you okay?" or "Sorry." As Sage was behind Trololo, I saw him stare deeply at a wound Trololo had gotten from the Dire. You can see blood slowly dripping. and notify yourself that it was a deep wound. All of a sudden, Psy got up from his position and ran to his office. Eld did the same, jogging after him. Trololo did the same, though he rushed to the 'Exit' instead. One by one we all left the facility, still shocked as he passed the window where the beast moved hopelessly, trying to get out.

Chapter 2[]

I called Fenix to pick me up from the laboratory so we can travel to Newburgh. As I waited by the road, I saw Sibsu and Meep basically carrying Trololo to Grim's car to head home. Why didn't I go with them you may ask? Cause I didn't want to. My mind twisted from thinking about what the hell we were going to talk about in the car if it wasn't about Trololo, more about the Dire creation or just us being dead silent. What was wrong with Trololo? Was it the shock that had him physically sick or the bite. It must be the bite, but Sibsu wrapped it well with an ace bandage so tight, that the bleeding had to stop by now. I started to walk over there, but when Sibsu saw me, he put his hand out signaling me "Everything is alright" or "We don't need ya help". I stood there, as Grim roughly zoomed off in his Benz. What was going on with Trololo?

"What's happened there?" Fenix addressed me as we continued to ride. I glanced at the rear view mirror for any signs of anything. "It was great." I said hesitating. "Well, you should have at least CALLED me so I can see them up close." Fenix chuckled. I didn't find that funny given what had just happened. I would never lie to Fenix, though I would never want to freak him out. He is too young for things like that and even though I think as him as a mature adolescents, he still has some flowers that haven't bloomed yet. "They tried a new . . . thing with the Dire of taking the hat off of it to see how it would react" How dumb was I to say that. The worst lie I could think of. Busted was all over my mind now. Busted. Tell him the truth. 

"That's dumb. They are basically done with the Dires anyways," Fenix responded. The adolescent talking. Got away with a deep one there Zloc. "Yea, it was pretty dumb. It did freak out, it was almost as if they took off his head." I chuckled as I said that. We continued to talk about how dumb Dire we were and unusually shifted to basketball talking about the Lakers doing horribly this season and the Knicks needing to get a ring at least once. We kept this up for the whole 20 minute ride until we reaching my newly-born town, Newburgh. "Welps, here we are.  I'll catch you later, I'm late for basketball camp." I slowly got out of the car realizing how smooth I was not spilling to him what actually happened there. He's like a son to me, very close so it was hard to not tell him, though easy at the same time. I gave him our signature handshake and continued to walk to Newburgh, through the sand. 

I' walked around the town a little, watching some "newblets" construct their home in peace, and giving me a wave and all that. I'm now understanding the basic chart of 8bitmmo. Humans on the top and under it are the "animals", And in the Humans category, it is the mayors basically owning the citizens in some cases. And most of those citizens would be noobs. Even a Cat could have figured it out that he was at the bottom the chart. And the funny thing is, you can't say that you do not apply by that chart because the new people will rely on you, making them obviously think that you are the "God" basically and they are willing for you to guide them. Simple.

As I stopped to talk to the new girl named Momo, my cellphone started to ring. I quickly picked it up knowing that all of the calls I receive are important. "Hello," I started. It was Sage. "Meet me by the water fountain of Origin. Leave no trails behind." He hung up the phone and left me hearing nothing as I stared at the ground wondering what is to come. It had to be about the Dires as it still flew somewhere in my mind. And I knew that it flew somewhere in his mind as well, it that was not his mind totally. "Well, keep up the work Momo. I got to go do something now. See ya around!" I concluded to Momo. 

I took a taxi to one of Meep's secret towns, as I took the telepad to go to Origin. There I saw Sage, sitting down on the water fountain, not caring if some water dripped on his pimp shirt. He did have his finger on his chin, thinking intensely. I didn't want to disrupt so I walk slowly, trying to make him not notice me until I was close enough. "What's the problem?" I asked Sage in a low voice. He stood up and nodded at me when I got closer, the other way of saying 'Hello'. We moved close to me and started to speak in a low, quiet voice. "Trololo is sick. He is in 17 now lying in his bed. I haven't told anybody about it and now he is thinking I am contacting Eld for some support."

"What caused this?" I asked in curiosity.

"Everybody knows this, though nobody wants to say that he was bitten by the Dire. Once everyone left, I took some examinations of the Dire and concluded the dramatic changes that occurred. Sharp teeth, dark green eyes with popped blood vessels, and increased amount in body mass and strength. He' is, I mean it is basically a monster. I haven't seen ANYTHING that can break out of those straps like that." - Sage

"Holy shit. They've turned that guy into a true monster!" I exclaimed. Just then Superior Robot came through the same telepad, running quickly towards us, making me quickly reach for my Pixstol. It was natural. It was not as if I was planning on shooting him or anything, though I was upset that someone was following me. I do hate when I fail at anything. Gets me aggravated that I can't be the best at what I want to be. "Don't worry," Sage said to me, reaching for my shoulder. "I had to contact Robot as well because of his knowledge in science. He was the only guy I had that understood this better than me." I tucked my hands in my pocket and nodded at Superior as he came.

"Sage," Superior began. "I've never seen anything like this! After looking at the video you sent over and over again, the chemical is unknown. I need to get some samples so I can truly see it." Sage looked at me for a second.  I looked at him for a sec, not knowing what he was trying yo conclude. I didn't really know Sage like that, so it was really hard to communicate without talking to each other. Good friends do automatically generate signals no matter what, so it was clear that we weren't yet. One day . . .

Chapter 3[]

Before sunset, Superior came over to check on Trololo in 17. "This is terrible. I've never seen such sickness like this." Superior said as he examined Trololo. Trololo looked horrible as can be. Very red, swollen eyes and a weak face to look at. He laid on his sides, just staring away. He was very still and quiet for the whole time. I kept taking a glimpse at him, worried if he might give up on us. Yes, I said it. I was sometimes that sympathetic one, only sometimes.

After a while of Superior's quiet checking and hard thinking, he walked over to Sage in a private discussion. I wonder what they were talking about for this long, glancing over to from time to time. I took a few steps to Trololo and began to speak to him. "Yo, ya alright?" He didn't respond. After a long five minutes, Sage whispered something into my ear, "We need a sample of the fluid injectedi nto the Dire. If you can get that for us, we MAY be able to save Trololo. May."

I walked out of the building and called Kiwi on my cell. "Kiwi, I need your help on something very important. Wait for me at the HQ for further instructions." I went over there and found him in his office, adding some more decorations. "Oh, hey Zloc." Kiwi greeted. "Let's get to the point," I began. "I need...your assistance on something very important to a friend of mine. I'll explain it all to you as we get there."

Kiwi looked confused. "Get where?" he asked. I walked him to my custom made black sports car made by Meep. We rode in silence for a while down PsychoticSmiley's road through the night. "I need to get a substance from 'a' lab." I told him. "A lab? What is this all about?" he asked. I told him all that happened in the past 2 days to leave him in shock. We drove in silence again until we got there, parking behind a abandoned home in the wilderness. 

"Put on your ninja mask." I told Kiwi. We walked for about 300 blocks until we made it to the front entrance. I took out my Taser and shot out both of the cameras. I signaled Kiwi to head to the other side of the large metal doorway. And so he did, peeking into the window and giving the "clear" signal. I placed the "Code Hacker" device on the keypad. After 2 minutes of patience and re going over the plan, the door open.

This time, I didn't get that gust of wind anymore. It was still cold, but dead silent. We walked around silently, hearing for anything suspicious and knowing that if there was any noise other than us, we are heading for that door immediately. After making some lefts and some rights, and Kiwi thinking that we were lost, we made it to the experiment room.

I told Kiwi to duck, as we were right next to the window where the beast roamed. I peeked in, to only see the Dire, face to face with me. With no hesitation, I flew back, having Kiwi following me. The beast started to bang at the window with force knowing that there were humans around. "What do we do now?" Kiwi asked me in horror as he never took his eyes off the beast. "Hand me the tranquilizer."  

He handed it to me and I told him to follow me into the entrance where the beast roamed. After a quick self prayer, I busted through the door and started to shoot the beast. It slowly kept on coming to me, until I bang him on the head with my elbow, and shot him in the back of the head once he fell. "Get a sample of his skin now!" I told Kiwi.

He did what I asked, and I went over to the container containing the green fluid and took a sample of it as well. After a quick 30 seconds, we left the room and locked it securely. "Dude! That was crazy! Never tell me to do that shit again." Kiwi exclaimed as he searched for his breath. "Don't worry about it, never again." 

We sat on the floor for a while as we talked more about this event and congratulated each other on their success on the mission. I gently placed my head on the wall behind me, relaxing until we started to move again. "Uh, Zloc?" Kiwi said quickly. I turned to him slowly, singing one of the Bob Marley songs in my head. "The Dire -- it's awake again." I turned to the window quickly to see the Dire, staring at us with with green eyes penetrating into ours. 

I got up slowly, still making eye to eye contact, and grabbing Kiwi's sleeve to get him up as well. "On the count of three, we run to the door." I informed Kiwi. 1. I tucked in my sword. 2. I made my sneakers squeak just a bit to still know I got grip on them. "Three!" I ran down the hallway, unaware of where to go next. I took behind to see Kiwi on my tail. That is when I saw Kiwi slow down and I started to as well. He started to laugh and so did I, for some reason. But that all stopped when I heard glass shatter . . .

I turned myself around to see the Dire bolting towards us. "Go! Go! Go!" I yelled at Kiwi as I started to run again. We made unthinkable lefts and rights, not knowing where we came from. The beast came closer and closer to us, on turn at a time. Other Game Reviewers pounded on the glass as well as they were extremely surprised by this event. I took a quick look behind me to see Kiwi running slower, and slower. "Come on KIwi. We are almost there!" Though, I had no idea where we were. For the last time, I took a guessing right and there saw a small white door with the word 'Exit' above.

"Ahhhh" I heard Kiwi scream behind me. I turned my head around and saw the Dires hand clinging onto his collar, though he kept on running. I reached the door and opened it in one shot. "Hurry!" I yelled towards Kiwi. He fought trying to get the Dire off him, but it wasn't working well. I raised my Pixstol to the conflict trying to get a perfect shot. "Hurry!" I said once more. They were close to the door, though with one move, the Dire jumped on Kiwi.

"Shit! Kiwi. No!" I watched as Kiwi took his last steps, coming to the door. I quickly closed it, as I heard Kiwi pounding on the door, less and less. I fell to the floor, back against the door and began to sob. Yes, I was crying. The thought of losing a friend that was so helpful on everything is now being chewed up by the Horror. After a while, more pounding came and this time with more force. I jumped out of my position and started to see the dents on the door. I yelled into the the moonless night.

Chapter 4[]

"Last night, at the "End Laboratory" investigators states the Kiwisplit, a 22 year old male has been killed there. The pictures you are about to see may be graphic, so viewer discretion is advise . . . Marks appear to be scratches, bite marks and heavy pounding to the face. We do not know how man got into the laboratory because of the camera system being off at the time. No witnesses or suspects have been found at this time. Back to you Socks." -- Meep, the news reporter

I placed my coffee mug down after I heard the news. Superior and Sage sat on the sofa, talking to each other. "First off, I would like to thank you for getting me those samples. The skin sample wasn't needed." Superior began. "If it wasn't needed, Kiwi wouldn't be dead!" I fired back. Sage shot up and came over to comfort me. I got up and moved to a different location on the kitchen table. 

Superior grabbed his keys and came over to me. "I am sorry for all that has happen, and I will definitely make it up to you." He then left, closing the door silently, like he always does. Then the TV started to yell. "Breaking news," Socks began. "Let's bring to Meep. Meep, what is going on now?" 

"As of right now, we are at the area where the Dire was supposed to be. The window is broken, though he have no idea where it went. It couldn't leave the faci-- Wait a minute Socks. We are now hearing some noises coming down the hall. . . (Are we going to check it out? -- Cameraman) Yeah, yeah. (They walk slowly to the noise). What the hell is that thing? Are you getting this? (Yeah) It's just standing there. What you guys are looking at now may be the-- AHH" -- Meep, news reporter. 

"Holy crap!" Sage yells at the screen. The camera man starts running in opposite direction. The camera then falls and screaming is heard, though not seen. After a while, you could see the bare legs of the creature, walking out of the facility. "What the fuck are we going to do now?" Sage demanded. I placed my hand over my mouth, thinking of a possible solution. Nothing came to mind. "Pass me the keys. We need to get the hell out here." I said

Sage and I jumped into the black sports car and immediately drove off. "I knew this whole god damn thing was a bad idea. They made the Dire so human-like as the original model, but they've gone to the point of making it BETTER than us!" Sage complained. I nodded, trying to pay attention to his opinion that I thought was a guaranteed fact, though keeping in mind that the beast is now roaming around on Earth. 

I drove straight into Section 17, not bothering if I were to ruin the lawn, it's not as big as the problem now breathing down our necks. "Call up Coolnes & Sibsu. And call Superior and tell him that we are heading his way in 5 minutes." I informed Sage. We rushed quickly. I flew up Trololo's home and woke him up. "Get up, buddy, We need to get the hell out of here now!" 

Trololo slowly mumbled some words, though I was too busy, I couldn't hear anything. He slowly got up, trembling his feet as he struggled to walk. I draped a sweater over him and aided him as we rushed down the stairs, placing him in the car. A couple seconds later, the rest of the gang showed up, puzzled at what is happening. 

"Guess nobody watches the news anymore? Meep is dead. The beast has escaped!" I told them, with my eyes penetrating into theirs as I packed some food supplies in my book bag. "What the heck? How did that happen?" Sibsu asked immediately. I didn't say anything as I rethought the incident and Kiwi's as well. "Get in the car, we have to leave now." 

As soon as everyone was packed in, I zoomed off to Ostrotron to meet Superior at the entrance. "Come in quick. You got to see this." Superior yelled to us. We followed him, sprinting inside to find the TV on, blasting the news report. '"As you can see here, the town of Origin has been destroyed by the rage of us citizens. Look at this clip of one frightened citizen about this tragic event."

''Someone, help me please! My daughter! My daughter is gone! Why, why why does this have to happen to us. (Moment of sobbing) It's the END. It's the end, it's OVER. There is nothing nobody can do it. It's done! I saw it with my own eyes. It's coming back. I KNOW IT! Help me please! Help us!" 

My eyes started to water at the plead. I think now is the time I can realizing the true conflict of this whole thing. It is not about the fact that the beast is loose. It's the fact that us as a whole is tearing apart by this thing. I've seen MANY movies of this type of incident, but I think now I truly understand what happens when we fall like this. 

Chapter 5[]

"Military advise all individuals to stay indoor until the wild and dangerous animal is captured. This is Socks from Channel 5 news" I scratched my chin a bit and started to think. "What the heck are we going to do now?" Coolnes asked. Nobody dared to answer. "After diagnosing the chemical, I came to conclude that it is a radioactive substance. A huge amount of supply of this thing is extremely dangerous, but clearly they didn't care about that." Superior stated. 

There were still silence. Trololo to cough a little and we all turned to him for a while, checking if he was alright. Then he began to speak. "Are-are you guys just going (cough) to stand here doing nothing nothing while there (pause) there is a monster on the loose. C'mon guys, let's get something going." We all turned away at the last part. The problem is here is that nobody is a leader to handle a situation like this. We all know that the instructions provided by the military is not going to work because of its strength. And if someone messes up now and messes up, it's history. "Okay, let's get going." I blurted out.

With those words, they understood that I took the honor of being in charge of this situation, even though I had no intention of doing such thing. "Come down stairs, you guys are going to like this!" Superior said, as he jogged across the room. We all followed him to the destination he gave us, and were stunned though delighted. "Guns!" Coolnes said out loud, as he ran to touch some of them. 

"This is some bad ass crap you got here Superior." Sage said. "Thank you, handmade from Ankos himself. The only person who can create this type of stuff. Go check it out." I took a look around at all the material. "Alright guys, take what you like. We have to choose another safe destination quickly." I informed the people my friends. I walked over to Superior as he was examining one of the assaults. "Hey, do you have a -" Just then Superior cut me off. "I know what you are looking for. Come with me." 

"Ankos gave me only one of these custom snipers and did mention your name when he gave me them," he began. I took a case from the overhead shelf and placed it down on the glass table. "A Savage 110 BA. One of the best ones I've seen so far. You're in luck buddy." I had a huge grin on my face looking at the weapon. A beauty it was. "Thank you." I told him. I grabbed some other materials and the crew headed back upstairs, gossiping about the weapon they've close.

"Where to next?" Sibsu asked me. I took a hard thought though had nothing in mind. I stared at him for a second and gave him a signal that meant, "I don't know." . As everyone got into the car, Superior grabbed a hold of my arm and took me back inside. "I can't go," he pleaded. I was shocked. "What the hell do you mean!?! Do you know what can happen." I screamed quietly, so the rest doesn't hear me. "I need to take care of some business before I leave this place permanently. Here I have a couple of radios so we keep in touch since the cellular tower was taken down." I accepted the 4 radios. "Goodbye Zloc," he said as I was leaving. "No, see you later. Goodbye means 'so long forever'. Not today Robo." 

Chapter 6[]

We drove in the car, quietly talking about the Spleef National Association and what-nots. I had no idea where I was heading so just kept on riding as if I actually knew, in confidence. I thought about the news report of Meep being murdered by that beast. I took a right. I thought of it some more and tried to imagine how he was killed as the camera wasn't pointed at the crime scene as it happened. Then it hit me! The House of Paranoia! 

The structure was built exactly for this type of conflict and it would be a great place. "Guess what, we are heading to the House of Paranoia!" I yelled to the car crowd. They started to cheer at me revealing where I was heading. "My gosh, that is perfect Zloc," Sibsu said after remembering my gesture to him before we left. All of a sudden, an object banged the side of our vehicle sending it off tracks for a second. 

I immediately stopped the car and grabbed the pistol I took from Superior. The whole gang did the same and turned on their flashlight under their weapon. We stepped out of the car slowly, aiming in every direction. I looked at the ugly dent made by the object and felt very aggravated at the whole cause. "Anyone see anything?" Trololo asked, as he breathed heavily. We didn't reply, staring straight ahead with the sun down and the moon coming up. You could feel the cold wrapping around you like a blanket with fur that was not comfortable. I felt the goose bumps rising on my skin not knowing if it was because of the weather or my scaredness. I took a glimpse at the crew as they were intense in their search. "What the fuck is that?" Coolnes said.

We all turned to Coolnes direction and put our flashlight with his. All we saw was a human-like person, just standing there, hunched over with the green eyes staring into our. The green eyes. "Hello? Are you lost?" Sibsu said as he stepped forward a little. "Everyone get in the car! Now! Now!" I yelled in panic. The beast started into to run into our direction. Since Trololo was the closest to the car, he hopped into the driver's seat and honked for a second as he prepared to hit the gas pedal. The engine roared and Coolnes and Sibsu jumped into the car. The car started to move, preparing to leave me behind. 

I could hear the heavy breath of the beast as it came towards me slowly. "Slow down Trololo!" I screamed into the cold air. The cold society to be exact. I showed no sign of being tired, though my legs were killing me. That's what we all get when we don't stretch before these stressful periods. I gained more speed as I thought of the "human" behind me. I soon became side by side with the car and threw my guns into the gun, most likely hitting some of the members, but I know that didn't mind because my life is worth it. I got closer until I was able to cling onto the vehicle and jump in. As soon as I did that, I felt a hard blow to my legs as it was in the air. I tumbled into the car, and felt Trololo pressing the gas as my head hit the floor and 'I shleeep'.

"Yo, Zloc! We got to go!" Sibsu said to me as he shook me with much force. I opened my eyes and recollected the pain in my right knee. "He seems hurt. Use your sniper as a cane Zloc. We have to go. The Dire can be anywhere now." Sage said, as he lifted me up. I slid out of the car, grabbing the sniper and doing what Sage told me. I looked around and noticed the House of Paranoia. The enormous building with historical patterns. Moss growing on the wall and dirt by the base. It was more amazing that I've imagined. The crew rushed to the door and I looked around intensily to check if "he" was around. 

I hopped to the door where the squad was talking. "Where is the key?" Trololo complained. They all looked at me and I looked straight back at them. "We should never listen to Zloc. Always getting us in trouble. What a leader." Trololo said with an attitude. I stared at Trololo for a second and then threw myself to him, grabbing his shoulder and pressed him again the wall. 

I was planning on saying something, but I didn't. He was right. It was really my fault. I chose the place thinking that it was the safest place yet, though Meep had it on lock down. I released him. "Guys, this whole mess is bigger than all of us and if we want to get through it, we have to cooperate and think." I said to the gang. "Meep wouldn't do that to us so the key has to be somewhere around here." The crew immediately started to search for the key. 

I checked the bush, nothing. Though for some reason, I stopped. Something was really wrong, but I didn't know what was going on. I checked on the rest of the crew, frantically searching for the key. I resumed my search, limping to the next bush. Nothing. I rose my head to see the unexpected. He was here. "Guys, we need to hurry up." I said to my crew, still staring at the beast. He was just doing the usual, standing there, looking at me. I stepped back slowly and tripped on one of the discarded rocks. 

"What's going on Zloc," Coolnes asked. I pointed to the direction the animal was. "He's here everyone. Hurry!" Coolnes screamed. Slowly the animal started to run to us, gaining more speed. I jumped up quickly and took a glimpse in every area I could. "Found it!" Sibsu yelled to the gang. We rushed to the door and stared at the beast as he came closer and closer. 

Sibsu struggled to put the key in the door, as he was very nervous and frightened from this whole event. "God dammit Sibsu" Trololo said as he took the key from Sibsu's hand and popped it into the door knob. We all jumped inside and I kicked the door shut. All of a sudden a powerful blow came from the door. We all knew who it was, so we pressed our back against it as we locked it. More pounding. 

I looked around and took a deep breath. You could feel the cold air pass touch the surface of your skin and the damp air covering your nose. After a few seconds, the pounding stopped, so we all started to look around the area. Cement floors, cement walls. A couple of chairs here and there. One by one we turned on our flashlight, observing the work of Meep. "Finally, some water." Coolness said with relief. 

We all took some, and sat down in silence as Sage lit the candle. I felt my knee and started to sooth it as the pain started to diminish. "How's that sickness Trololo?" Sage asked. "Better than ever." Trololo replied quickly. I looked at him for a bit, rethinking his response. Just then the radio started to static, and you can hear a voice. "...Hello? Anyone here?" I quickly grabbed the radio and responded. "Yeah, this is Zloc." I replied

"How's everything? Where are you guys?" Superior asked through the radio. "Perfect. We are in the House of Paranoia. the beast is somewhere around here, not much activity though." I responded.

"Great. I was just looking at the news report and the evacuation center is in Bastion and everyone is heading there. There is strict military defense there so it'll take a while to get in. They say that it is the most safest place in the world because of the walls. There are no signs of dangerous and harmful activity there so you guys are clear to go. I'm just about finish here, so I was wondering if you guys can pick me up in two hours?" - Superior Robot

"Sure thing. That gives us time to get our minds straight and prepare. We'll see you then." I said to Superior, placing the radio aside. For the next 10 minutes, there were silence. There was nothing to talk about. We knew how deep in this mess we were and we didn't want to do anything to mess it up. I laid my head back, staring at the ceiling. 

40 minutes as passed and by then everyone was asleep. I got up from my seat and looked around. I peeked out the small window and noticed the moon high up in the sky. it was pitch black, and only a couple lighted flared in the distance. I checked the zone a little bit more, walking upstairs to discover new things. That is when I noticed a safe, rusty as it can be. Locked. I pressed some random numbers and letters to check if my luck was still ringing. Nothing. I laid down on untouched bed and closed my eyes, thinking about all the crap that just happened. What am I going to do now? What are WE going to do now? 

Chapter 7[]

When I woke up, the sun was still not appearing and the crew was still asleep. Though, there were some lights coming from the stairs. That was odd. I didn't remember any electronic devices around. I peeked downstairs and noticed the faded blue light some more. Just then I saw Coolnes, back against the seat, halfway covering his body with a blanket. I saw his face and once he saw me, he started to move his mouth and a reckless way, trying to tell me something. Something was wrong.

I slowly crept down the stairs and saw Coolnes pointing to the direction the light was coming from. I tiptoed down the rest of the steps and was peeked at the scene. I was astonished. It was Meep! Back turned away from us as his eyes were glues to the TV. I looked at Coolnes in a weird way. I noticed that he was reaching for his pixstol. What the hell was going on? I saw Trololo turning under the covers. Just then Coolnes placed a new clip into his run and there was a huge click that filled the whole room. Meep turned around. 

I hid behind the wall, not knowing what the hell was going on. I looked at Meep for a second and his appearance was unusual. It was almost as if he was the Dire. I scratched my head at the thought. Meep was killed. I looked at Meep again as he stared at the direction where the noise came from. I was in the phase where I was so confused about this whole event and Meep's miracle to be back alive. Maybe he wasn't killed and he just passed out. I looked at Coolnes. He slowly raised his pixstol to his chest and took a glimpse at Meep. I took my pixstol from its pouch and did the same. Where are going to?

All of a sudden Coolnes rose his pixstol and shot at Meep. The bullet went straight into Meep's chest, blasting him back, damaging the TV. The rest of the crew rose up and looked at Meep. "Meep? What the fuck is going on?" Sage asked. Coolnes got up and aimed straight for Meep. "Get over here!" I yelled to the crew. They all rushed and hid behind the stairs. "Why is Coolnes shooting Meep?" Sibsu asked, puzzles at the whole event. Trololo reloaded his pixstol and aimed it at Coolnes. "Put the gun down Coolnes! We don't hurt Meep!" Trololo said. I saw Meep struggling to get up from the blow. Coolnes turned to us, not realizing why we were standing there frightened. 

Meep got up and charged at Coolnes, and Coolnes fired at him. All at once, Meep penetrated his claws into Coolnes, and Trololo shot. I stared at Trololo with anger and tackled him to the floor. Not knowing what was going on, I gave him a punch to the face, sending him into a light sleep. My mind started to twist as I turned to Coolnes and . . . the beast. Sibsu started to yell and fell to the floor in horror. Sage and I rushed to the scene as we threw Meep off of Coolnes and watched as Coolnes was breathing heavily. 

"Are you okay Coolnes?!?" Sage asked in confusion. Coolnes continued to breath heavily, not answering the question. Sage took the flashlight off the table and opened it on Coolnes' wound. I looked at it in horror as blood came running out his chest and onto the floor. Out of nowhere there was a huge bang to the side of the wall. Sibsu jumped up asking, "What was that?" Boom. You heard the same fierce pounding from the outside again. Sage covered Coolnes bleeding with his hand and told me to go into his book bag and get the ace bandage. I jumped for it and threw it to him.  

Boom. I saw in the corner of my eyes Trololo moving slowly and touching his face. I looked at the motionless body of Meep as he lied down on the floor. I slowly moved to him, looking at him intensely. I looked slowly at his fading green eyes, vicious teeth and violent claws. Boom. "Sibsu, get up fast. Get all the guns and place them in your bag. We have to leave soon." I informed him. He rushed and did what I told him. Then I heard Coolnes scream in pain. We all looked at him. "I'm . . . sorry," he coughed out.

I rushed over and placed my hand on the wound and tried to stop the bleeding. He clenched his teeth in pain at my force of trying to stop his bleeding. I didn't care if I was hurting him now, I just wanted him to live, you know? Sage stepped back, already knowing the outcome of this conflict. I stared at Sage, receiving his stare as well as he told me it was too late. Boom. "Coolnes, we are going to ALL survive for you, okay? Okay?" I told him, staring deep into his eyes, slowly closing. No response. 

Boom. I took a body and wrapped his body with blankets. "Sage, we got a safe upstairs, can you unlock it?" Sage jumped on the stairs and we saw him no more. Bang bang. We heard the shots of a gun come from upstairs. I ran to the stairs and peeked up. That is when Sage threw the money down to me, making me chuckle. Booom. "It's the Dire alright. Heard we were here when Coolnes fired." Sibsu explained. 

What are we going to do now? We have a dead beast in our house, a vicious one inside, a dead guy. "Why-Why the fuck did you do that for?" Trololo called out slowly. I could see the pain in the voice. I took a glimpse at him as he got up slowly, walking awkwardly. Sibsu looked around the house a tried to think of some plan. Boom. Some cement came crashing down from the wall ans we could the beast with his vicious face, peeking in. Sibsu went to the TV to see what was Meep looking at. The volume was muted though there were broadcasting the town of Origin and others such as Edge and the Zoo, in ruins. He then glanced at the side of it to see a well hidden walkway. "Hey guys, what is this", he asked. 

Boooomm. We all went over to see the discovery. "Seems like a escape route," I said in astonishment. Out of no where some more cement fell from the wall. "Where will we go once we escape? Back to our car?" Sage asked. I ran to the front entrance, passing by the slight hole in wall the beast was creating. Shivers flew down my spine just passing by it. I peered out of the small window in the front and looked at the line of cars Meep had in his imperfect driveway. "Our car doesn't have enough gas to go back to Robot's house and where ever we go to next." Trololo said all of a sudden. 

Boooom. "Zloc, we got to get going, immediately. We can't stay in this house with the Dire crashing in all of the time." Sage ordered. "Sibsu and Trololo, look anywhere for some keys. Now Now!" I ordered. They did immediately. I grabbed Coolnes book bag and placed it on my back with mine. "Sage, help me get Coolnes up. We have to go now." I told him. He did what I asked. "Found one!" Sibsu yelled in excitement. Booooom! "Good. Now pass it to Trololo. Trololo, you need to find out which car this key belongs too. Sibsu, you and him will take the front door and I want you Sibsu to distract the Dire as Trololo does his job. Once you find the car, get Sibsu and swing to back and pick us up." 

"Okay, sir." Sibsu said frightened of his job. That sound of words gave me a strike of at the heart knowing my rank in the group again. Just before they went out of the door, I grabbed Trololo by the arm. "Pull any shit and that bullet is going to the back of your head, penetrating at your spine and you won't even know what happened." I looked at him, bruises on his face and the appearance of him clenching his teeth. He jerked his arm away from my stiff grip and flew out of door. 

I heard in the distance, Sibsu screaming with confidence. "Hey big dumb black thing. Come at me bro! Come- Ahhh! Hurrry up Trololo!" Sage and I led Coolnes's body through the secret walkway and waited for Trololo to come. Sibsu's screaming stopped and I could here the car's wheel turn on the small pebbles on the floor. Silence. Sage turned to me and I turned back to him. My vision started to blur at the thought of Trololo bailing on us. "What now?" Sage asked. Seems like he already knew that "they" actually bailed on us. Wonder what I did to Sibsu to make him change his mind.

"Well, we should find another key and make sure the beast doesn't see us as we run away." I suggested. "Maybe the beast took off with Trololo & Sibsu so we have this place to our self for a couple of days." Sage said with a hesitating smile. "And then we find Trololo and put a bullet through - -" All of a sudden car tires came passing by from the back. You can hear the fierce drifting of the car and the high acceleration of the engine. The noise came louder and louder until it reached the destination we hoped for. 

All I saw was the shiny yellow car with rolling rims even though the car wasn't moving. It was as if it was the model of a Nascar Ferrari with a retractable roof and a spoiler. My eyes were gkued to that car, nearly dropping Coolnes's body. "Come on! Hop in!" Trololo yelled to us. We threw Coolnes body in and jumped into the car. As I jumped, I felt my knee gain some pain again. I didn't make a face so the crew would be worried, so I hid it with an aggravated face. 

Chapter 8 []

"You alright Zloc?", Sibsu asked, seeing my expression. I quickly turned it into a quick smirk as I looked to him."Trololo, turn on the station to 97.1, we need to know what's going on." He first made the roof retract, covering our heads and blasted the news report. 

"-form you that the towns Origin, the Zoo, Area 51 & Section 17, and others have been populated with Dires. We sent a team of helicopters to record the tragic disasters and I am here to describe it to you now. Thousand of Dires have been flooding these areas, leaving the town in ruins. We have no clue why they are doing what they are doing now, but we know that they DO NOT LIKE HUMANS. The Military is telling you this: Stay indoors, lock your doors and go one of the safest rooms in your house. We are being told that it is your basement that provides the most attention. Guys, these things are extremely dangerous so be careful. We have no idea what the fuck, [pause] what these things can do." - Link

Trololo turned the volume down and you can still here Link talking about the breaking news. I checked the time. Immediately I thought about Robot. "Trololo, head over to Robot's house ASAP." I told him, reaching over and patting him on the chest. I grabbed the radio from my book bag and talked into it. "Robot! Robot! Ya there man?" Silence. All you can here was the engine of the car as Trololo placed his foot on it, sending our backs against the seats. 

"-of a gun! *Bang* Hello? Zloc I'm here." I was too busy soothing my knee that I had no idea he was responding. "Zloc? Sage? Anybody?" Just as I heard the voice of Robot, I prepared to reach for it, but Sage grabbed it from the seat and responded. "Hello? Robot come in. What the hell is going on right now?" Sibsu turned back from the passenger seat to listen. "You're are not gonna believe this. There are like 50 Dires in my driveway right now!"

Sibsu turned to me as I turned to Sage. "Can you hold them off? We will be there in a matter of seconds!" Sage responded. "Well I don't *Bang" know how long I can hold them off, but you can come anyways," he said in an unusual confidence. "Dammit, Trololo. How fast can this thing go?" I asked him. "Well, how do you inspect me to freaking know? Not my car," he said in sarcasm. Just then he pressed on the pedal and all of our inventory flew in the air. 

"What the hell is that?" Robots voice came from the radio. Sage started to scream into the radio. "Meep's car! It's amazing right!?!?" he yelled. I added some weight onto myself, trying to stay firm in my seat. "So what about the Spleef playoff, huh? Trololo began. "Think the Raiders will take it this year?" And the re-bonding began. After all this crap, we are still able to talk about things, other than some stupid Dires.

It didn't take us long to reach the house of Superior as our eyes were glued to the window, watching all of the Dires. They stood slowly moving their bodies back and forth, entering the mouth of the depressing house. They stood around the home as if it was Saturn, and they were the rings, getting closer and closer every time, damaging the surface. Sage reached for the old radio and started to scream into it. "Sup[Soop]! Sup! We are by the entrance."

He would usually say what to do , but clearly there wasn't an easy way to get through this. There was a long silence in the car as we continued to stare. Thinking about how this is going to happen and what is going to happen. "God Dammit. There is no way he is going to get out of here!" Trololo blasted. "Well, Trololo has a point," Sage agreed. "Not even the toughest man on Earth can survive this shit." There was some more pause. I now knew what mentality they said and what I had to have to get through this. Oh well.

"[static] .. . . Sage? You guys can just me be. They are everywhere." Sage and I turned to the radio and Sibsu turned to me. There was dead silence. Just as we were prepared to leave, he answered. Our  My mentality changed immediately and it started to spin in circles. What the heck should we do now? 

Without thought, I quickly reached into my book bag for anything, just anything. Sibsu quickly turned to me after hearing me scrambling through my clutters. "Woah-woah wha-what are you gonna do now?" Sibsu said to me as he stared intensely. The whole car was staring at me, and I barely took a look into their eyes for them to notice my emotion. The emotion of being afraid and nervous, and confused at the whole subject. And it's the fact that I stepped up to lead them to safety so when they realize that their "leader" is unstable at his position, all hell breaks loose and that is what I fear. 

Nothing. Nothing. There was nothing in my book bag that can help me save that boy Superior. I threw the bag on the floor, by my feet and dropped my head into the palm on my hand. No, don't do that. I sat up straight, looking at everyone as they stared at me.  

"What so you expect me to do now, huh? Leave him alone as he is gobbled up and turned into Meep?!?" I dropped all bars on the crew, trying to lose some stress. "Huh? Is that what you want me to do? Do you know how valuable Superior is right now? He has the ANSWERS to everything! He can freaking solve an equation with 1000 numbers in his head! And you just want me to let him die! Huh?" 

The group sat silent after going through the deep tunnel of my stress. Sibsu turned around, only looking at the Dires gobbling Superior's home, still knowing that he is inside there, somewhere. There was some static coming from the radio though nothing was heard to signal that Superior was still alive in there. I sat there with great confusion about the task that I am within. I rubbed my knee a bit, forcing myself to become occupied by another task and forget about the hard one. That's what I always do. I always start something, but God knows when I'll finish it. I'm never fully committed. We're never fully committed. 

After staring at my knee for a while, almost forgetting about Superior, my eyes stumbled across Coolnes's bag. I thought of what happened to Coolnes and a sense of fear came from my gut, realizing that didn't really think about his death thoroughly. What a good man that kiddo was. So, on point with his work. The only guy that was truly committed with his work out the 6 of us. And now he is dead and we did NOTHING about it. Just nothing. And that's when fear tingled in my gut once more thinking about Superior, and I grabbed the bag. 

As I ruffled through Coolnes's bag, Sibsu turned back to see what I was up to then quickly turned back. I knew he wanted nothing to do with this, and probably the others risking their life for one guy. Though not realizing that the ONE guy can save the whole world. I continued to shuffled through the bag and remarkably, I stumbled across a flare gun. I picked it up. And held it in the air, examining it. Trololo, looking at me from rear-view mirror, quickly reached for his pouch where he contained his actual gun. "Don't even think about it." Trololo commanded. I stared at him with the craziest smirk of a lifetime. "Let's move up." 

"The dumbest mistakes you can make, Zloc." Trololo admitted as he pressed on the gas. "What the hell are you doing Zloc? Trying to get us killed?" sage asked. I stared at him with the same smirk I showed Trololo. "Committing suicide to prevent murder." I told everyone. "Stop 10 yards from the entrance, but don't stop the car!" Trololo did as I told him and at the right time, I opened my door and rolled out. "Beep the horn, Trololo! Beep the horn and circulate!" He beeped and drove off. I jogged towards the house, noticing some Dires running out the car, though not all. Most of them were staring at me. 

I checked the flare gun and realized that there were only three bullets in there. Shaking my head, I shot one on the left and right of the house, leaving a slim and dangerous for me to slide in. I placed the flare gun in my gun pouch, replacing it with the revolver. I quickly rushed to the entrance, running over some of the Dires as I received multiple scratches. There was a Dire that was located at the door frame of the house, making me shoot him with no hesitation. I understand the gunshot attracted more Dires in my direction, but it wasn't a choice. 

As soon as I was able take a look around, all that I was able to see was an ocean of Dires just piling on top of each other for who knows what. I wish it wasn't for the flesh of Superior. As I was thinking that, my heart sank into cold water and my eyes drifted off a bit from the thought. Just then a Dire came after my legs. I quickly shot it in the head and more turned their heads torwards the gunshot. From there I knew that I was forever gone and there would be no way I can escape the mess I got into. The best solution as of now is to turn right back and let Superior be left alone in his house packed with Dires, hungry for blood if they didn't already tasted such precious tastes. 

I quickly started to sprint up the stairs, dodging some scratches and tackles that the Dires attempted. Though I tried my best, one of the Dire were lucky to get ahold of my feet, sinking his claws into my ankles. I yelled in pain and shot more than 3 shots at the creature to try and get him off. Once he let go, I kicked his face in, making his body tumble down the stairs, collapsing on some Dires who were eager to devour me. 

I literally flew up the stairs, not willing to encounter anymore conflicts with another blood-thirsty Dire. Entering the second floor, I could already hear the Dires running up the stairs in a hurry like cheetas running after its lunch from not eating in days. In the hallway, to the left of me were open doors with about a dozen of Dires within them, trashing the area. Some of them were aimlessly wandering out of the doors into the hall.

I was trapped. I haven't heard anything from Superior and I understood that if I called for him, my voice would attract a lot more Dires if I haven't already. The problem started to flow through my head and I couldn't come up with any solution to get Superior and I out of this house engulfed with Dires alive. As I stood there, trying to think wisely and hard, one of the Dires in the hallways made eyte contact with me and shifted their body, preparing to tackle me and devour me like ever before. I checked the stairs once more and that's when I realized that my life was done for unless I done something quick. 

I lifted my pistol and shot at the Dire running towards me from the hallway as I ran towards him. Though the blow from my pistol didn't do much work as he was still able to run at a fear speed. My heart started to beat with much force as I realized what was happening. I, Zloc, is running towards a powerful beast that can rip off your flesh in seconds. What other choices do I have now. The common outcome of this would be the tragic death of me, which would not be surprising to my group as they warned me about this outcome before.

As I continued to run towards him, slowly, with strategizing steps, I stared into the beast's eyes and only saw a monstorous, pale and lifeless creature just doing what he had to do to survive. Though I saw life. I see the watery eyes that he had and the distured face he had. It looked as if he was in tears from what he has become. He looked like an intelligent human being that is unable to control the body that he is in at this point and he only has the mentality of survival. It looked as if he would do anything to be freed from this drastic body that he is within. Though he is unable to control the body that he is in at this point and he only has the mentality of survival. 

As there was only two steps left before making contact with the Dire, I saw his "hands" rise with his sharp claws willing to strike soon. As I took a quick glance at the open door to the left of me, I seen the intensity of all the other Dires as they turned to my direction and stumbled on each other, trying to get a piece of me. One more step before impact.