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Day One[]

Oh my, what a day! The first day of the new life.

Oh, I must explain myself. I am Alc4n4tor Potatoman. Sit down for a while, and I'll tell you a story.

I assume that you'd like to know about my life. Well, here's how it started.

I had just gotten off of the teleporter to the new lands, when a strange fellow greeted me. He never told me his name, but he existed in two places at once! I swear, I saw him standing in two rooms at once. This guy told me to go kill some slugs in his basement. I squashed a few, and he told me to step into the blue box in his living room. I felt myself slipping away. Fizzling up into tiny bits. Was that the end of me?

No! It was not my last day upon this earth! I felt the process reversing as I appeared in a small room with people going to and fro.

The same weird guy greeted me for a third time and said good bye. Also said that there's more people who are coming behind me. He told me to talk to the Drake and the Zombie to learn the ropes. The Zombie taught me how to quest, and the Drake told me how to Build. He also gave me a special island for practicing building in. And that's where you find me now.

Come back tomorrow if you want me to tell you more.