Language rules: full words are said by pronouncing all the letters within it. It is referenced in: War and advenure 0: First days of Sug3r. The Codrex is a language, that Sim9 used to create the world and beings in Sug3r's books. Some of the characters are latin, and the language itself is original. SPEAK AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! Language:
Sim8 Warp

Sim8, using The Codrex to warp reality

A: 𐌈, Pronunciation: Caina (Cay-nah)Edit

B:𐌎, Pronunciation: Zaia (Zay-ah)Edit

C: Ξ, Pronunciation: Noctonus (Nock-toe-nus)Edit

D: ¶, Pronunciation: Caraanek (Cah-ra-neck)Edit

E: �, Pronunciation: Ncrisia (Na-cris-y-ah)Edit

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