The Epic Wizards Guild, shortened to T.E.W.G., presently consists of three members: Value, Romeep, and Sug3r. Sug3r started the group after Value visited his house while wearing a wizard costume just like Sug3r's. The guild HQ is Sug3r's house, which is located in Herbville.

NEWLY ADDED BY SUG3R: Ranks: Level I: Swords,and a blue shirt to meetings. NOTE: once you aquire the items for a level you are that level.

Level 2: Wizard hat, pistol, and blue shirt.

Level 3: Wizard hat, space shirt, lazer gun.

Current membersEdit

Level 1 "Novice" Members: N/A

Level 2 "Powerful wizard" Members: Romeep

Level 3: "Wizard master" Members: Value, Sug3r


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