The Killing Fields -By PsychoticSmiley.

The Killing Fields is the home of PsychoticSmiley's PVP Bounty Arena.

Featuring a complex area with areas that speed up and slow down. 

Also it has 8-bit art, SubZero, Kano, Goro, and Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat.

-Liu Kang, and Johnny Cage (Updated with the 7/27/2013 map update.)

The killing fields 7-27-2013 map update

The Killing Fields map update 7/27/2013

This is linked to from Root, and from Rehabilitation (it has a spawner all by itself)

Featuring four monster spawners, and multiple respawn-pads that are grief-proof.

Once entering the area you are immediately respawned.

Upon leaving one of the respawn area's you cannot re-enter due to the anti-griefing system.

The killing fields arena

The Killing Fields Arena

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