When it all Began

As a child, I spent lots of time with the LawyerCats, carefully learning their moves and lifestyles. I also became adapted to the environment very quickly in a short matter of time. And when it came to killing them,
I was born for it. The thought of seeing the Cats face with its claws in the air, ready to strike, but Noble Zloc killing him just in time was always amusing. I would always collect gold for my family so one day we can purchase a better house in Bastion or Noobingham. Just somewhere not in the ol' Origin where vandalism was always common and homes were never finished because their lives would be finished before then.

A place where grass would be all around your house and custom trees and a cement walkway so when you walk, you can always here your shoes clicking. A house with red carpet, wood walls and hundreds of windows made from glass in every floor. Not holes in your home and your mother telling you that it's a invisibe window. A home where the roof was actually made with orange roof blocks and not cement blocks that matches your outside walls. A place with roads so it and man-made lakes. And bridges, town halls and enhanced shops with items that rich people buy with platinum. A place that has walls where towns has walls so the "bad people" won't enter and terrorize the village and troll. And a place where you can wake up to sunshine and wave to your neighbors as you go for a stroll to the grocery strore. But now, we have nothing like that.   

Looking at what I have done with my life and lying to myself, my parents would have proud of me. Still collecting the gold and placing them in the almost broken vase my mother crafted. The dirty, cracked up, white vase is all I have from my mother. And from my father, is the sword I still have to this day. And the one last thing they gave me that I've found in the weary drawers that's covered in dust. Overlooking at the letter kept in safe keeping, written by my parents, they said I was "The gift of the Sims". It meant alot to me and I never will ever lose that letter, at all. Though, it'll meen even more to me if I knew what they meant, but there will never be a chance to ask them. I'll never forget their deaths. I'll deeply regret that day. I was only 6 when they were killed by Cats. It was a normal and nothing this horrible was expected.

It was a peaceful night in Origin and I just came back from playing with my friends at a game of Spleef. Was it my fault? They would always say not to keep the door open at night, but it must have slipped out of my head because I would never disobey then, never. I stood in the corner as I watched them get killed by the Cats. I, a weak child, did not fight back. I knew that I would be killed if I were to defend. With the almost empty knowledge I had, I thought that was a swell idea. Though, one of "them" came to me. It was not a Cat apparently. It was a kid like me. Dirty with a necklace made of of thicked tied fur and claws. An uncombed hair, dirty skin and paint smeared on his face. I thought he came here to talk, but instead he cut me on my arm with his large, sharpened claw. I looked at that uncivilized child for a while, unwilling to talk so I won't receive more. They later left after crashing the rest of the village, leaving me in my home crying among my parents.

And so they leave me homeless. Nobody to talk to. Alone in a world I've never explored before. "What should I have done?", I kept on asking myself as I sobbed while I sat reckless in the corner. The only thing left to do now is start walking, and walking, until I find some hope. So I grabbed my father's sword and started traveling throughout the unknown world.

Out into the Open

When I was 13, I was known as the Unknown. Nobody in the universe knew who I was. I learned the motion of swiftness and the ability to survive in harsh conditions such as Wastelands and high-combat areas. Though I would never engage in combat, sometimes I would hide at night and watch the pros perform "1v1" to death. It was very entertaining and I would later recall one of the K.O moves and practice them in the ally. Life was never still. I would travel all around Origin, going from roof to roof, still having an empty stomach though fighting through it. Sometimes, I would have not eaten in days, and other times I would find some food within the garbage and help myself. I never liked it and would regret it later on, but I didn't want to starve to death in the same token. I had been doing that for days now and I had enough of that dreadful routine. With a hungry mind of my own, I snucked into RobbyZ's roofless home and ate a great amount of his food. But then the thirst came over me and started looking for more things. I looked into his fridge and the only thing I saw was "Pixel Beer". Didn't know what the heck it was, but it looked like a beverage. I took like 10 of the bottles and drank them one by one. That's when I became nauseas and collapsed on Robby's bed. I layed there until I heard a voice.

"Wake up. Time to wake up. No seriously, GTFO. I don't even know you, why are you in my house?" It was RobbyZ. I told him I was a hero, but I couldn't get my head together on that. He told me the basics on surviving in 8bitmmo, but what was mostly interesting was the building part. My parents always told me this saying,” Build in your heart. Not on the ground." I finally knew what they were talking about. So he told me to say "Home" and I did. All of a sudden a gust a wind swirled around and transported me to the center of the world, the Origin. That's when I saw RANDOM NOOBS FIGHTING EACH OTHER IN ORIGIN

First Day at Work

It was kind of strange talking to a dragon and a zombie, but they were really useful. They taught me the way to live, and the basics really. What bothered me a little was that they stood there, forever. They did the same thing over and over again. So, basically because you see them anytime you come back to Origin, it is not awkard giving them a "Hello" or a high five when you have a chance. Moving on to another subject, I met a guy named Curtis as I was thinking of a place to build, wandering in Origin. He was a very helpful and friendly guy. He told me where to build and how to. Well, even though Draco told me how to build before, I was daydreaming about riding him one day. Anyways, Curtis thought that he would be my best friend forever. There was even a moment when he was being chased down by a Cat, but luckily I was there to save him. We built our homes next to each other and would visit each other's developments. I thought the good times would last. I was wrong. Really wrong. The day was not even over when I started disliking his choice of building. I guess I was developing the case of being OCD. He would always randomly place things around his home and put barricades around his very own door. We had many arguments indeed. I, who didn't know the rules of building, was doing what they call "Trolling". I was just trying to get into his home and wake him up, on purpose. No harm done.

Diary Entry

"Well, it was really dark and I've been seeing flares of fire in the distance. Must have been the Cats searching for the pixels of the humans. In front of them was an object that was in the shape of a human. I didn't know if he was dead or alive, but he stood tall there, as if he led the Cats. It looked as if he was staring my way as if. So I locked my door, and will sleep on a PEICE OF PURPLE CARPET."

Weeks later I discovered another "Troller". She was known as Fall and I jest couldn't stand her at all. She left a lot of random things around my house. It was like she was a nomad, placing the base of homes, and next thing you know, they are gone. And not to mention the piles of carpet and other materials.I had no idea whether it was going to stay there or not. But when I took some naps and wake up, they disappear. I kept telling Curtis that’s she's really absurd. Extremely silent, though very deep into what she is doing. Curtis did not seem to really enjoy my jokes for some reason. Maybe I was not the comedian my friends told me I was. He would change the subject immediatly with an argument or something crazy like that. Though we both kept on annoying her from time to time while she constructed her "to be" removed homes. For then later on, I found out that THEY ARE SIBLINGS.

I call them the "Trolling Siblings" just because it makes since to call them that. Don't judge me. I would put signs in the wilderness and around Origin telling people about them. They didn't seem to care. First of all; it was the wilderness. So, it was common to see all of these non-sense bull crap. Unfinished homes, random blocks. All that. And second of all; many people had a town or lived in a town where trolling was obviously unacceptable, though you weren't 100% sure it wasn't going to happen unless you were the only citizen. And even if you were, you never know what can make you rage. But for a couple of days now, I haven't seen them around anymore. Rumors say that while they were sleeping, Lawyercats broke down Curtis' barricade and ate them both alive. But rumors were rumors!

Through the Town Doors

Anyways, I started to create a mansion. I didn't see anyone else making one in the area so I thought, maybe people will remember me by me building the awesomeness mansion! I worked hard on it. It would be cement walls with green carpet. Also, about three stories tall with stories of adventurious stories on sign, as you walk throught it. Or maybe a hotel for people to sleep in as they think of a home to create. Killing Cats and going to the Shop started to be a habit for me. I probably collected 1k of gold a day. Things started to be constructed around my home too. I met new people and gained more knowledge about my surroundings. Some visited my constructing mansion more than usual. Others, were amazed by my constructing skills even though I was new to all this. The best part about things, some guy named Sim. We didn't really have a conversation, but we just waved at each other. A few minutes after he left, I started questioning myself. The quote "A gift from the Sims" came to me again and I frantically ran around the area searching for my answers, Sim. This was not a mistake and I need to know who he is and why he is related to this quote.

There was someone I looked up to as I was building my marvelous mansion. Dale. He came see my house and at first sight, I was admired by his appearance. His wizard hat, and his passionate blue shirt. He must be one of the millionaires my mother kept on gossiping about. She would say: 

"And today, he asked one of the engineers to make a limousine. The outside was made from bricks, soft red carpet, double-glass windows and leather seats. It fits 20 people, and they will still be room for more! My gosh, if I were to talk to that gentlemen in high-school."

And then the females would start chuckling and gossiping more until Dad came back from work and started to ear-drop on the conversation. I swooped down my mansion and stood at his presence. We talked immediately and he wanted me to view his home. I didn't remember the town name, maybe "Weatherville" or something related to that. But overall, the house was phenomenal. Blue carpet and three tight stories. After that, I didn't really see him anymore. Though, he was definitely on my mind a lot. One day, I would be the one guiding the noob throughout the wilderness, into a town to view my house.

I actually didn't finish my mansion. I got a proposal from a Prince named Luckylego. He is too young to be a king, he says though he runs the town. Awkward. Anyways, it was not the first proposal at first. Someone else asked me to visit his town, and I sort of never got the hang of the town's name. Anyways, I tried to slay him inside his town because I heard that a force makes everyone inside the town immortal and what not. It was a clear mistake and since it was true, he thought I did know and kicked me out instantly. Now, back to the town I am accepted to, permanently, Lucky had told me he wanted me to build the same exact mansion inside his town, Luckyville. Of course I accepted. Now people can see my town way more now since this town seems to have lots of homes which means lots of people. It was indeed THE FIRST TOWN I WAS ACCEPTED INTO.

Luck Crumbles in Thee Hand

I didn't know exactly where to build. That's what I disliked about people's town. They put so much crap, that there is no room for citizens to build. Though, that is only sometimes. I know I won't do that when I had my own town. It was always a dram to me. Lucky had told me to build it sideways. It was not the way I pictured things, but it was fine for me. Things started out slow. I had to go back and forth from the wilderness to Luckyville, picking up the cement blocks and teleporting to Luckyville, over and over again. It’s was starting to be my habits. I didn't like it though. We needed to make BIGGER INVENTORIES.

I thought Lucky's town format was extremely "retarded". One morning I woke up and I found a Watchtower on my lawn. I complained to him, but he said it was for military purposes. Like what military purposes. His town is in the Middle of Nowhere! Well it wasn't that bad. He just told me to talk to a guy named Energetic. He was one that put it there. Energetic, slept a lot actually. Or maybe he was out about in the wilderness getting gold and coming back late while people were asleep. Oh well, I least I caught him one time. I tried to explain to him that the tower was covering like my whole lawn. Nothing changed. Except the fact of me having to put down more grass to cover the dirt. He did tell me about the army. LegoLeaders they call it. I signed up for offense and thought I would be Offensive Leader. I was wrong. ASTER WAS.

People heard about Aster. It was not like he was a bad guy or anything, yet. We became good friends immediately. We had a couple of fights as well. I kept bothering him while he worked on the Offensive news. We yelled a lot and got sent to Punishment Zone a lot though. Those were some good times. One day, Aster started to not come to Luckyville anymore. He was more interested in the wilderness while he terrorized the noobs, telling them that any money they had was for him. It was a good business. He was rich from that. Not like I loved what he was doing or anything. Anyways, I was offered head of Offense by Luckylego. I started to train a lot. I mastered his fighting course and headed my way outside. It was so sweet. I killed 100 CATS IN A ROW.

That's when I spotted Aster in the distance. I ran up to him to say a quick Hello, but things got rough. He cut me with his sword. That's when the real battle began. I defended most of his attacks. I even stabbed him in the leg. He cut me some. His face looked serious though. "Do you think you'll take my spot, Noob? I am Offensive Leader and will always be!" But he did say that the only way for me becoming the Leader was versing him. It was a death match. Whoever wins will be granted Offensive Leader for life! I accepted. I came into this world to be something. And I might as well die trying.

I started to train myself even more tense than usual. Going far into the wilderness, where the Cats built homes and ate live or dead bodies, and took control of the area wiping out all humanity in that region. Oh boy, they were the toughest! Really thick skin and a muscular body. With their long claws they might have scratch me, but I managed to forget about the pain.

And before I can teleport back into Origin I saw a man. A dirty man. He looked like a ninja. Before I could even blink, he charged at me with what appeared to be 2 long claws in his hand. He stabbed me in the shoulder. He stared at me deep in the eye. Could he speak? I managed to take my sword off from the ground and give him a good swing to the stomach. A gush of blood came running down. There was a marking on his left arm. It was a word. I couldn't really see what it was. The human backed away from me. I frightened him away by pretending to swing at him. He ran away. What a fast, but strange man. But that marking came across my again. CHAOS.

The day came when I had to verse Aster outside of Luckyville. It will be the place where I die or become something. "Ready? Begin", Lucky said. Things started out easy. We gave out careless slashes that were just meant to hit the sword. Then things started to get serious when Aster kicked me in my stomach. I couldn't breathe for a second, but I came back and punch in the face. I tried to give him another uppercut, but he lifted up his sword and slashed it down where my hands would be. As the sun started to set, we kept fighting. We stabbed on another. Cut one another. Did whatever we had to take each other down. It was then when I pretended to aim for his stomach with my sword, but then raised it up to his neck. I pressed it firmly on the bottom of his jaw as his head lifted, slowly. I saw blood drip down from my sword to my hand. I took a firmer grip. Was it too sharp? Shall I finish him off? That's when he told me. "You are out off the Offensive Team. Rule 1 is to NEVER KILL YOUR LEADER.

I didn't understand what he meant. He told me that whoever wins gets to be Offensive Leader, but clearly he lied. He slowly took away the sword from his neck. A huge cut was under above his neck, dripping with blood. I was really confused by his action and really did not like it at all. I told Lucky about that and he found that absurd. Well, I stood my grounds and soon enough, I was Offensive Leader. That was the greatest thing that happened to me so far! I was delighted and full of joy. Though, I wonder why Aster stood down though. As I was walking passed Energetic home, I felt a hand grab me. It was of course, Aster. He pushed me against the nearest wall and started to speak, "Hey Mr. Offensive Leader. I’m not that weak to give you the damn job!" I took his hand from my shirt. "Watch this man. Hey Zloc, you’re Offensive Leader? I'll beat you up for it”, he yelled while chuckling. I didn't know what to say. What exactly was he trying to prove? Maybe I should just- "Zloc and Aster. To the Punishment Zone, now!” yelled Lucky. WTF was this all about!

The punishment was harsh. We were put into a closed room. Gas poured in. We couldn't even breathe. "You see . . . what I mean?” Aster coughed out. This was unacceptable. Something had to be done. No man should have to go through this. And I am going to fix that when it was all over. I gasped for breath. "Isn't this called Luckyville?” I said sarcastically. Later in the afternoon, Aster and I took a walk in the wilderness. We did some fancy tricks to kill Cats. Aster swirled his sword around, piercing 2 Cats in the throat. I threw my sword in a motion of a boomerang a slashed off 3 heads of Cats. "I gottah town named Foxtrot. It's right next to Luckyville. It'll take you 1 minute to walk there. I know you don’t like Lucky's rule, right? So umm... what if, we started a war." I stood at him for a while as we walked, avoiding cats. "I'm with you,'BROTHER.

And Here We Go . . .

The war begins. People called it the War of Zloc and Aster. Others the War of Luckyville. I might call it that, but to me at that time, it was the War of Justice. “Hey Lucky, East of Foxtrot, I have a statue I made of you. Go check it out." Aster told him. I was in Foxtrot with some guys from Mirrothia. It was another city that just started out. I planned on moving there someday. Aster started talking to me the Walky-Talky. Move out, he told the crew. My body took in charge before I could even think. I ran over to Luckyville, while the other guys followed. The plan was that Aster and I would destroy Luckyville, while the rest of the guys fought off opposing defenders. We went inside the soon to be crumbling town and began crumbling. "Hey Aster, where is it again?” Lucky asked. "Oh I forgot. It was South of Foxtrot. My bad." Aster sounded so innocent. Inside he's probably as sweet as pie,but outside, it was the complete opposite. "Zloc! We got some fighters coming in!" MDJ ALERTED.

"Fight 'em off." I fired back. MDJ, the mayor of Mirrothia. He was a nice guy, right? He's helping a brother out. Luckyville was completely wrecked. I'll just let Aster make the finishing touches. I wanted to go outside and see who MDJ was talking about. Green Shirts! Who were those people defending Luckyville? They killed most of my men. MDJ kept a good fight. I had to do something. As Offensive Leader, I had to. But I was Offensive Leader of Luckyville. This thing didn't make any sense. I ran up and slashed a man from behind the back. And then I ran up and tried to stab a man. A very swift man. He was the one killing my men. His ninja-like body. Who was that man? I was thinking too much. He gave me a punch and a kick. I fell to the ground. He raised his sword above me. “In the NAME OF IDAD!"

Idad? Idadfsx. He was defending Luckyville. So was Chicken Delight. All of my friends are trying to help. I dodged Idad’s strike. I quickly got up and stared at into his eyes. They were filled with hatred towards me. I knew then that what I was doing was a wrong deed. I ran away. That's what I did. I just left. I went into Foxtrot. It was pretty empty. Things weren't being built that much. It was basically a Hideout. I just sat in Aster's incomplete home, and took a quick rest.

"Oh my God! My town. Aster what did you do to my town?!?!" The voice came from my Walky-Talky. I quickly got up to listen to it. "Your rules are cruel dude! So Zloc and I showed you guys a little respect." Aster chuckled. I ran towards Luckyville. Everything was happening so fast to me. I couldn't even think straight. SLASH! I felt a sharp object caught through my ribs. It was Energetic. I forgot he was loyal to Lucky. I put my one of my hand against my deep cut, while my other hand held the Walky-Talky. That's right. I was unarmed. I guess I didn't care anymore. Blood started to pour out, so I kept on running towards Luckyville. And there was Chicken Delight, running towards me. I then heard foot-steps from behind me. Energetic still didn't get his sword dirty, huh? I went to my knees and looked up to the sky. I heard the footsteps grow louder and Chicken Delight starting to yell in victory. This will be his first kill. "Never shall a man die in my eyes! Get the hell up Zloc!" SAPPHIRECOYOTE YELLED.

So it was Coyote behind me, huh? I quickly got to my feet and started to run again. I looked back and saw Coyote not killing Chicken. Obviously he was better than him, but he didn't kill him. "Friends will always be friends.” I whispered. "Even though they are against each other, they'll never risk a life because of a disagreement. That's the cool thing about this world. It's so small that you basically know everyone. Everyone is like a BFF." I chuckled a bit. I started to breathe a little heavier. My hand was covered it blood. "Because of that, we should all have Peace in our hearts."

I reached Luckyville. I struggled to open the door, but I managed. I walked right past Lucky and Aster arguing. Lucky then lifted his sword right in frontof my path. I gave him a deep stare. The stares that shows an "IDGAF" look. He dropped his hand. I walked over to my home. It was the only thing that that had not been crumbled into pieces. I stood there, unable to move or anything. My hand was over the cut. It made me look like I was saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Blackness started to fill my eyes. I was unable to stay in balance. "Zloc!” I heard voices screaming. I dropped heavily. With my back against the floor, I looked at the sky. It’s becoming night, I thought. A face appeared. I was unable to detect it, but I knew who it was someone I was meant to know. STORM.

Good TImes

I was sent to Stormville's Hospital. I had to go through surgery to stop the bleeding and to repair my ribs and stitch up my skin. Many people came to visit. Some I didn't know and others I was not expecting to come visit. "I didn't mean to do that." A voice from outside the room came pouring in. It was Energetic. "I didn't want any more destruction to my one and only town. But why did you do this? This is very..." He took a long pause. "You wouldn't know how it felt to be tortured every minute.” I replied. My face was serious. We talked some more. Mostly about my cut and what I will do in the future.

I was sent out of the hospital couple days later. I moved to Mirrothia. Luckyville is just to f-cked up for me, I chuckled. It was an accidental chuckle. Maybe it was my deep thought taking over. Maybe Luckyville did deserve it. Well whatever. I visited Luckyville sometime later. I wanted to see the destruction I made. I only visited when people weren't around. That was mostly anytime. It was abandoned. Dust rose in the air, buildings are just collapsed. Rumors say that Lucky is going to end his life because of this. I didn't mean for all this to happen. Well, I wanted to demolish Luckyville, but I didn't want any other problems following my effect. NOT SO LUCKY AFTER ALL.

They were like family to me. Aster, MDJ and SapphireCoyote. I didn't see Coyote much actually. He was probably too busy working on some project of his. Aster and MDJ were always talking to each other in a low tone voices. Sometimes they yelled, but mostly a low tone. Maybe it was about the upgrade of the town. They had run out of money from the Luckyville War. They asked for support from other towns, asked for more people and extra swords & ammunition. That was indeed a dumb move. This war was a sneak attack. They didn't need that much stuff except for the extra people. Lots of people were loyal to Lucky. LOTS.

It wasn't long until I realized that we were planning another attack on Lucky. We would all meet on IRC. It's the International Reconstruction Chat. We don't use that organization properly, but it sure helped, a lot. We talked about why we were planning the attack at first. This "upcoming" battle is mostly for the sake of the town. See our plan is that we force Lucky to pay us gold every week. About 250 pieces of gold a week. If he disagrees with our "offer", we will have another massacre. Our playbook, however, is the Good and Bad Guy method. MDJ and I will enter the town and have a casual conversation with Lucky while the rest of the gang does what they are supposed to do. Half of the gang will take the telepad from Mirrothia to Aster's Tower in Luckyville. The other gang will take the stairs that I built to the right of the town. They will hide behind building until I unexpectedly say, KaBang, which will notify the rest of the group to charge. This plan was going to work out so good...

Survival Tactics

I had a great night. I went out to celebrate the beginning of my new world in Edge. It was crazy, but fun. We played Shoot Out in the dark. The objective should be clear to understand in the title. Simmonds sold fake, non-penetrating bullets to anyone who wanted to join. Though the bullets weren't real they hurt a lot. think of it as if 10 bees stung you in the same spot. Anyways, we had to come with our own guns. Many people had the regular Pixstol, but I and some others took the time to invent automatic rifles and other cool stuff. I took the time to build a sniper because I already mapped out where I will be shooting at. At the last minutes of the game, I calculated my hits and realized I had gotten a total of 9 hits, and 4 of them being headshots and they were pretty rough to take. Not only it was hard to get headshots, it was a powerful hit for the receiver. The games were basically over, but because Simmonds was the host, he got the "Last Shot". And your guess was right that it was on me. 

I was in the middle of the town. Circulating around, trying to focus on moving objects in the dark. I only had one more bullet left until I was forced to use my Pixstol. Footsteps alarmed me as I was putting the last bullet into my sniper rifle. POP. A dark object appeared behind me. I ran for my life. For some reason I ran in fear, but that was usual, right? The noise that the sound made was so real that my ears started to ring since the sound was so close. I jumped off the high building onto another until I was able to tumble to the ground. The figure was right behind me. It gave me another shot, but his aim was really off. I faked left and then right in front of a light which I supposed blinded him to where I was going. I jogged around a bit. Mostly behind buildings trying to avoid being spotted. I then heard heavy breathing in front of me. There was an object on the floor bleeding all over the ground. I couldn't identify the face. "This was no game, sir. There is somebody really killing...US"

He gave me real ammo. I did him a favor by dragging him into the nearest abandoned, dark shack in sight. I then went on top of the gates roof, prospecting the town. The same figure as before came running from the top of the gate towards me. I took out my sniper rifle and shot him right in the head. It fell back in a dramatic way. I knew he took a massive hit because of the distance between us. We were only 30 feet apart. That's way too short for a sniper’s shot. I wonder why he ran towards me when he had a gun all along, I thought. I went over to the motionless body. When I saw who the person was I was not surprised. The Cat Kid. "He’s Knocked Out!” I yelled in the moonless night. I heard no voices except the rumbling of the bushes. I ran down the stairs to open the city street lights. Just then, an object penetrated in my back. I tumbled to the floor and struggled to rise up again. "Good Job Kiddo. Way to knock someone out." Simmonds got the last shot.

Hunting Season

He pulled me back up. I was able to keep a steady balance. I was able to think again and forget the violent pain that ached my spine. I then thought about the most vicious plan there was. Cat Hunting. We lift up Chaos' body and dragged him along our journey. We took the fake and real bullets, perfectly carved swords and lots of bricks just for protection. There were like 100 people in the party so we split the crew into 5 crews. We were to spread out and kill every single Cat that we laid eyes on. We had 2 members of the clan that dragged Chaos along with us. Then we will all regroup at Clow and do what we had to do. Second by second there was a dead Cat. We snuck up to some Cats and shot them in the back of the head with a sniper! So we all met up at Clow. Chaos had already witnessed the killing of the Cats, but this will sure startle him. The walls were pretty massive. 100 feet in the air and on top of that were pointy-like pillars that stood tall on top. "Let’s have some fun by stabbing at it a bit," I demanded. A young member of the group took the honor in sticking his sword into the thick walls of the town, first. I will never forget that man. He was quite a surprise for one fact. He would hunt until the moon was tired of shining bright for him. I will never remember that kid.' 'WILL NEVER FORGET ADVENTURER.

He took the first stab into the city. He plunged it deep with massive force. "Come on guys. It'll only take about 2 hours if we work together," he suggested. It'll only take two hours to take down the walls of Clow. It'll only take two hours to ruin the Cats balance of homeostasis. It'll only take two hours. We turned and looked at Chaos. He had a quick, suspicious grin on his face. I ignored him. "Charge!" My voice may have been loud, but it did not cover the rippling of the town wall. We didn't even start chopping yet and it's coming down. Adventurer was then pulled into the wall as the wall came tumbling down. What the f-, rumbles of Cats came pouring out of the wall. "Run. Run for your lives." It seems that I was the only one there at that time. Either everyone was stomped on by the cats or they were already miles gone. When I ran, I ran in pleasure. I had never felt this great in my whole entire life. My speed was no match for the Cats. I out ran them in a matter of seconds. My mind was clear as a jar of honey and I was in peace. my whole surroundings was unknown like before and it was as if I was run to nowhere, and I liked it. Just like the old times. The Cats may have given me a scratch or so, but I was fine. Others, not so lucky. They were literally being devoured by the mobs of Cats. I was planning on going back for them, but it was a suicidal thought. Also, looking back at the cats, they looked really different. They didn't have the suit on, but instead they wore strips of blue clothing. They also carried a harpoon. Classic, Classic, Classic.


They were like family to me. Aster, MDJ and Sapphire Coyote. I didn't see Coyote much actually. He was probably too busy working on some project of his. Aster and MDJ were always talking to each other in a low tone voice. Sometimes they yelled, but mostly a low tone. Maybe it was about the upgrade of the town. They had ran out of money from the Luckyville War. They asked for support from other towns, asked for more people and extra swords & ammunition for the war. That was indeed a dumb move. This war was a sneak attack. They didn't need that much stuff except for the extra people. Because lots of people were loyal to Lucky. LOTS.

It wasn't long until I realized that we were planning another attack on Lucky. We would all meet on IRC. It's the International Reconstruction Chat. We don't use that organization properly, but it sure helped, a lot. We planned on why we were planning the attack first. This "upcoming" battle is mostly for the sake of the town. See our plan is that we force Lucky to pay us gold every week. About 250 pieces of gold a week. If he disagrees with our "offer", we will have another massacre. Our playbook, however, is the Good and Bad Guy method. MDJ and I will enter the town and have a casual conversation with Lucky while the rest of the gang does what they are supposed to do. Half of the gang will take the telepad from Mirrothia to Aster's Tower in Luckyville. The other gang will take the stairs that I built to the right of the town. They will hide behind building until I unexpectedly say, KaBang, which will notify the rest of the group to charge. This plan was going to work out so good...

Months past, and nothing happened. I didn't farm gold much. I was mostly talking about the war and getting the plan straightened out. Of course I only told the people in the army, but surprisingly, the word didn't get out to the world. No one knew about the war. They all knew about the last war, but they thought that we were done. Luckyville was being repaired again. I apologized to Lucky and he allowed me to join the town again. Aster did as well, but when I asked to help him re-build, Aster said no. I don't know what was going on. He said that only Lucky and he were going to rebuild. He said it would be good for the war if I didn't help. Well, I didn't want to help anyways. I can't waste my time for this town. i don't know why, but I lost interest in it immediately after the war and I think I still didn't fully forgive Lucky for acting really cocky. I met some new people along my journey. One of them was the Manager of the Foxtrot army. We started to talk one day after we remembered that we saw each other last war. That kid NINJA.

His full name was UgkxNInja. I didn't clearly know what that meant, but whatever. He was indeed a good friend to me. We talked about the army, the beginning of Foxtrot. He even helped me somehow remember who asked me to join their town first. Surprisingly it was Aster. I told about how I tried to kill him all, and then begged for forgiveness. And Ninja told me that I was obviously known as Co-Captain of the army. I was extremely honored to here that. Being known as something great in the world was my only expectation. After talking to Ninja for while, I had a feeling that one day; we would MAKE A BIG PART IN THE WORLD.

Caution . . . 

Aster told me about this town. It is a vacation town right off the beach. I really wanted to go. And then sooner or later it happened and Aster and I made a reservation for a one day stay there. We with some other people that I really didn't know. It must be a branch in Aster's family and Aster thought I was one of them. One word to describe it: Spectacular. The moon shinned bright as the party went on. It was one of the best vacation I ever had. I woke up at around 12 pm. Everybody was still there except Aster. Our reservation was going to expire soon so it was best to leave now. I went over to Mirrothia in the hour and realized that something horrible had happened. The picture had changed and my mind just erupted as I dropped my luggage immediately at the footsteps of my "to be" home. "Those sons of a b- want to mess me up? They take my freaking home away and don’t even tell me? I'll show them!" I was in panic mode right now. I didn't even know what exactly to do. They had taken away my only piece of property and I just couldn't take it normally. I took my sword out. Someone is going to get it... I went over to IRC and found Aster there, waiting for something. Was he waiting for me? He better be! "We need to t..." I cut him off. "No, I need to talk to you! I don't feel like saying this out in public, but... I gotta sword in my freaking hand and someone is going to get it if you don't freaking tell me what the hell happened to my house!" I took his arm and fiercely guided him into the private room. I kept twirling around the sword waiting for him to talk. Five minutes past and no word came out. THUD.

I threw the sword at him and purposely made it hit the clear, white wall. "We don't want you here anymore. You caused too much to our town. First of all, you keep making us attack Lucky. Secondly, you home is too big." At the end he had a smirk on his face. "I'll tell you one thing, that white wall would I had blood on it if I wanted to. I am not making you fight Lucky! That's your idea and I do not care what the f-ck you think. If you want to cancel the war, it your move. I wouldn't mind. You’re broke. Mirrothia is broke. You just want to blame this on one person and you chose me!" The words just came out of my mouth. I actually meant what I said. We argued some more. I grabbed the sword from the wall and slashed his face at the end of things. To me at this point, ASTER IS A BITCH.

The Long Walk

I had nowhere to go. My home was destroyed in Mirrothia. I also cannot build in Luckyville because it is wrecked. I kept thinking about what I should do, while walking in the wilderness. I can’t build in Stromville because there is no space. I’m a homeless piece of turf. It's all because of Aster. He lied about what I had done to Foxtrot. He wanted to be known as the hero of the problem for all this mess he has created. I'll show him. I'll become something better than what he is! In the evening, I secretly went over to Foxtrot to talk to Ninja. Guards surrounded the perimeter probably because they were looking for me. But why, I thought. He already gave me his piece of mind and now he wants to cut off my mind as well? Or was it because he was just too scared of knowing that I was still out in the world, though silent and unheard of. I remembered a home just 10 yards away from Foxtrot. It was 3 stories, but poorly constructed. Apparently, two guards were guarding that building too. "Aster must know me so well that he knows my capabilities." I took out one of the guards out by throwing my sword at his head. Before the other guard could cry out, I smuggled him with my own arms.

By a Bullet

I went on top of the building to view Foxtrot. I only have 30 minutes to talk to Ninja because there is a guard circulating the perimeter. Ninja must be on the top floor of the Army Complex. I took a leap of faith on top of the town's wall. And then another on the ledge of the building. There was Ninja, painting the "Oval Office". I tapped at the window so he can let me in. He did eventually, though carefully and slowly so no one will suspect anything of my presence. "I heard bad things about you man. Did Aster frame you?", he started. I hesitated to twirl my sword around. No one is going to die, what am I thinking? "He lied to everybody! You got to leave this one man. He might frame you too. I know that you have some extra information about him. Why don't you frame him?" I actually wanted him to agree with my proposal. After this backfire thing Aster had done, I hadn't put my mind to peace as usual. I just hate when I'm not understanding things clear and information is being spread around about me that I am not aware of. It makes me feel so unorganized in a way, and Aster sure done it. Ninja took a short pause as he circled around the room, peaking out the door making sure the guards weren't hearing in. And then he replied, "Look at you. You’re a strong, athletic man. Though you are a dirty. Ripped clothes and what not. You can't let Aster do this to you and make you turn into all of the other guys he puts down. Get it together. Go get a job. Work in the shops for crying out loud. Heck, if that doesn't work you can steal from the banks of Origin. Or even ask Aster for forgivness." "NEVER!"

Noises came from behind the door. "The guards are here!” Ninja exclaimed. I quickly threw him into the closet and locked it tightly. I needed a peculiar hiding space. I hid to the left of the slightly open door. Then the first guard immediately approached the door, with his hand sticking out with a gun attached. I quickly grabbed his wrist and twisted it with my mighty force. Once I did that, the gun drop and I was able to yank him to the wall beside me. After placing my hand around his whining mouth, I silently lunged my sword in his heart. The wall turned bloody then, but I’m sure Ninja wouldn't mind. I peeked out into the hallway to see one guard facing the stairs, not knowing anything that was happening. . That is when I immediately ran to that one guard and got him into a head lock. From there I pierced his neck with my bloody sword.

The whole gangs of guards were downstairs. I needed to leave the building, not end up in a 15 vs. 1 duel. I took all the Pixtols and put them in a safe, reachable area on my clothing. I needed a distraction and a quick one. I aimed my Pixstol at the vase all the way in the kitchen. CLING, the attention went straight to the kitchen and one guard immediately started to go into the kitchen. THUD, I shot him right in the back of the head. That might make it look like there is an assassin in the Kitchen. Though, only a couple men arose and went into the kitchen. I needed to make my move, fast. I quickly jogged to the door, but since it was the only thing I could think of then, it didn't work out as planned. I shot at the ones that turned around the fastest and then I kicked over the night stand and took cover there. Bullets came left and right and one came through the night stand, into my back. I dived for the wall. I shot some, but needed more ammo. No time to reload in this crucial moment so I threw it at the closest guard and continued to fire with the other Pixstols. The plan was not working out great. If I were to run for the door, I would get shot and most likely die. I needed to kill those guards, but how? Nothing that I was thinking about would work. The only thing I could do is run towards then I hope that they had bad aiming.

Then my body took control of me. I jetted towards the guards like a cheetah. A bullet came pushing towards me, but slowly. I reacted quickly and moved away from that bullet. I took out my sword and quickly penetrated it into one man's skull. My body was moving faster then things around me. The guards acted like they didn't even notice me coming. Then I started seeing some reacting slowly. I chopped off their hands, but it still looks like they haven't noticed and they were still firing. Then I kicked them through the wall. My strength has rapidly increased. And my agility also. I finished the rest of them off and busted through the door. The smell of fright alerted me as I noticed the destruction happening around the town. People were smashing homes and killing one another. Is this because of me? "I’m telling you man! Foxtrot is over! Aster is going crazy", the toothless gentlemen alerted me. I stood there, watching the destruction among me. Aster has probably gone mad of what I had done to his town. I need to leave before anything more crucial happens.

Once I went outside of the town wall, I could see the massive mob of people destroying the walls. I even saw the General being gobbled up by the mob. "So this how Aster falls?" I asked myself. "What the f- are you doing here?" I turned around quickly to notice Aster. But he was not talking to me; he was about 20 yards away from them talking to a humble man. "I told you to get me 500 pieces of gold and you only come back with 150?" What an angry voice he had in his lungs. "I’m sorry sir, but the Cat-Man frightened me-" The explosion of the bullet and the man's head is what had gotten my full attention. I should kill that Devil-like man, but too soon. JUST TOO SOON.

Uniting the Elements 

I teleported back to Origin, where I will soon embrace my wonderful past. I walked slowly over to my first home and remembered the master piece I could have accomplished. Many comments came upon this about how this is one of the best mansions they had ever seen. I had so many ideas for what I was to put in this mansion. I was even going to make it a hotel or a historical museum about my past. That's when I caught an idea of the most extraordinary thing I could do. A template! I better get to work soon as I will finally fulfill my only, current dream. I checked in my wallet as I prepared to head for the store. I have no gold. I knew this will happen because it was not on my mind in the past few weeks. I must obtain gold for this amazing dream. But I was then thinking to myself of what Aster would think about this work of art. Probably laugh in my face about how small and cheap it is. That's when another thing hit me. A town. A remarkable town. What a town it would be...

"I smell smoke." It was coming from the direction of where my template was laying about. I quickly rushes back to see what was going on. If someone touches my template it's going to be the end of the world! Thankfully, it wasn't. The veins disappeared from my face. I slowed down, but wondered where that smell of smoke came from. I checked the sky. It was coated with heavy, black smoke. Checking my surroundings, I saw the flash. With closer look, it was not just a flash of fire, it was a building engulfed with flames. I heart started to beat heavily. My eyes were starting to blur. Among the flames, were people in armor. Blue and green. They must be Aster's troop, but what exactly are they doing here. They must have not noticed my template yet in this dark, gloomy night. It took me quite the moment to realize that it was Curtis's home that was engulfed with flames. I'll let them burn it, it's more space to me. Just when I ready to turn around and take cover, my eyes blurred completely and I stumbled to the ground in dizziness. I sat up, not realizing what was among me. I can still see the flames in the distance, but it was not in full detail. All of a sudden, my eyes took the image of what I was seeing and changed it into a more distinct, complex, magnificent image. My eyes were seeing beyond the human bodies. Beyond the homes itself. I could see the stranded gold on the floor. The skeletal system of a man. The furniture inside the homes. The guns and the knives. My eyes were just like an x-ray. I had X-ray vision! Looking inside the home, I could see an object that looked just like a human, but smaller and different in skeletal parts. It didn't matter then what it was, it sat in a corner, scrunched up like a ball, rocking back and forth in fear. I stood up, blinked and the images went away. I had to do something.

I took cover behind a misplaced block in the middle of the wilderness, though close to the scene. If I were to be sneaky enough, I would be able to sneak behind them and eliminate them one by one. And so i did, tracking the first one at the corner of the house, camouflaging into the darkness. The plan was not certified as I thought. As soon as I took out that solider, one guard noticed and began to tell the others. Now they were in what I like to call the Zone. They began circulating around the home and hope to find me. I needed to hide somewhere, but I then realized that as the building burned, and as the roof toppled on top of each other, a civilian was in there.

With my superior vertical skills. I quickly jump onto the house, clinging onto the gutters. The hands were burning as I lifted myself up. Breaking into the window I saw the creature, the Cat, sitting in a corner talking some nonsense. As I went up to him, he jerked a little in surprise. He held out his hands in fear and I could see it in his eyes. His nails from his tiny paw were not even matured enough to hunt. A burst of flames came from a closet near and so did a gust of wind, breaking the window, so I thought. It was actually Chaos busting in here so quickly. It looks like he was prepared for battle, as he took a claw from his jacket and raised it to my neck.

He stared at me for a while, recognizing me. I stood there, with confidence, thinking that all will end well. He then moved the position of sharp claw to my sleeve, where he lifted it up and saw the long scar he had given me from before. He stood back, his eyes penetrating into mine. It was like he was giving me a signal that we can work things out. A blast of flames came from the floor beneath. It was a bomb they had implanted after realizing we are inside. I grabbed the child and started sprinting to the window. There was a quick rumble as the floor burst open leaving only flames insight beneath it. Chaos had fallen, leaving his hand clinging onto the weary wood. I grabbed onto his hand as I carried the scared kitten. It didn't take much effort into lifting this 200 pound human up, as I was extremely great in muscular power. Chaos then took the child and busted out the window. I followed him with my eyes, but only to realize that there was more than 3 guards outside.

He was in trouble as all guards surrounded him. Within the circle of guards, there was Aster. He had a wooden cane and every time he were to walk, he would clench his teeth in pain. I couldn't let him see me. With my super-like speed, I fell to the ground and tackled Aster to the ground. I quickly took out my sword and began to kill the ones surrounding. I gave Chaos a clear path to escape, but he didn't go far out. He left the child far back away from the fight and he ran back to help me win this massacre.

We fought off everyone. That's when he replied to me, "Thank you." I looked at him, realizing that he can speak perfect English. Later, I was then transported to his town Clow. Everyone in the town wanted to revenge my last visit, but when they discovered what I had done, the whole town rung with Meows. I received a handmade metal with a coin on them, a 500g reward and also a contract for a life time. It states, "With voice from the LawyerCats, we give privilege for the Humans to slay at the limit of 200,000,000 cats a year, 10% of our population." With the signature of me, Chaos, and later to be on there, Sim9, this agreement has brought a relationship to us humanity.

So here I am, starting my journey out of Clow when I reflected on some ideas again. I want a town, with a very strong culture. A town that can have a great outcome in life. A town that leaves a mark in the pigment of the souls. I have the privilege to kill up to 200,000,000 cats a year so I should make use of it. I want to kill as much as I can. I want to be a LEGEND.

Waste Basket

I started off into the wilderness, and stayed in the wilderness. I slashed off Cats heads one by one and obtain some more moves in the wilderness. I stayed away from the towns. Though, I heard all around the world that Aster had secretly murdered Zloc. I kept it that way, thought it would be an awesome story line if I were to rise from the dead and lunge my sword into Aster's fast beating heart. I talked a lot to myself during the times, how I would plan out my town and all. My appearance was very odd-looking. I was bare, with only my black jeans on. I had grown a beard and looked as if I was Moses. There; Moses. That is exactly who I was thinking of. I would rise like Moses and lead the Greats to victory. I would gather an army and plunge into Aster's home and execute his whole town before him. I guess I was all about revenge, but I refused to think that way. I did dislike Aster, but thought about how I would feel to be in a deep hole with people kicking dirt on you.

So then I finished. I collected a total of 3999g in my pouch and was going to walk into the Origin and collect my rewards from the Zombie. As soon as I walked in, the whole crowd gasped. First they gasped at the hideous man walking into from the cracks of the wall. But then Storm yelled from the crowd, " That is Zloc" The whole crowd cheered in surprise. "He is back from the dead", one yelled. "What a miracle. Aster needs to watch out!" another said. I went over to Zombie, who was standing there with one gold in his palm. It was not just one gold, it was my life's earning. I took it with pride and soon or later fainted with relief that the work was over, for now. I woke up in Storm's home where I saw my sack right beside me. I didn't even bother check if anything was stolen because I knew the world around this area wasn't like that. Then Chaos and Storm came in and were in shock. "How did you survive in the wilderness? Everyone thought you were dead!" I replied to him, "I was just collecting this big old sack of money to start something big; a town called Legends." They all congratulated me with the decision. An hour later, Ninja came in "I can't believe you did it man. I literally cried when Aster announced in Origin that you were dead," Ninja exclaimed. "Wow, he must have been really proud when he figured that I was no more." I replied. We talked some more, about the town I’m going to make and then he told me he was just finishing on collecting 4k also and going to create a town called Troy. I thought of putting it next to mine. That’s when a man named Dani Dada came into the room. He congratulated me on my journey and wanted to know how I did it. It’s all within the heart I replied to him. He was so inspired by my life story. Dani also collected 4000g and was going to get a town. We agreed on putting our town in a link.

They soon left and then Lucky appeared. I quickly sat up in his presence. "I am really sorry of what happened in Luckyville. It was all a little too dramatic from Aster and I." , I quickly said. "Don't worry," he replied. "I know it wasn't in your intentions." "But it was," I interrupted. "I was just so aggravated with the way you acted that I just bolted out like this. This was my cause, my fault." He paced around the floor, and then stared out the window. "But let's not worry about that anymore. We have something bigger in the present. Aster has gone to the extent of now having to go to war with him. He's doing such wrong to people that I fear it might come back at him in a way that he won't imagine." I looked at him with pride. A man who actually takes actions in ahead of time. "What's the plan? Ninja, Dani and I are going to create linked towns so we can you that to boost our army members and defense." Just then Energetic and Idad walked into the room. "I will join, Zloc. I know Aster is going to be one heck of a job and I thought it would be good for 4 members in this unit," Energetic bursted out.

"Those were some amazing fighting skills there, partner." Idad said. I glanced at him with a smirk. "Not as good as you’re yelling." I said with sarcasm. It was like a reunion of the friends. Not even friends, family. A group of people just willing to help out each other. That's what it was all about, a bonding society. Though there was just one little speck that would interfere with that transaction. Aster. A week later we met up in Luckyville. We helped reconstruct the place, but mostly talked about a plan. "Okay people," Lucky started to us. It was Idad, Dani, Chaos, Energetic, Lucky and I who sat in that room that day. A group of dedicated survivors. "We need to build up our defense. You guys need to get those towns up by today. What if Aster were to get us today. "But they are!” Ninja said walking in. "Next month, ready or not they’re no warning to this" "He is right," I said as I stood. "I knew Aster for a while now and he is just something else. We need to get those towns up and destroy Aster's defense for a little taste of his own medicine. We'll place our town far underneath Foxtrot for a safe distance. Then tomorrow Chaos, Idad and I will head over to Foxtrot for the BOMBING.

And then it happened. The towns were built. Luckyville was nearly prepared and the crew was outside of Foxtrot for Operation Overlord. The moon was orange that night and there were not a lot of lights, but we'll make them. Few guards were defending the perimeter. Only 4, so it was an even match up for the crew. I used my vision to check the interior of the town. Most of the army was dozing with their weapons fairly away from them. I peered into Aster's room to find him at his desk. Well, this will definitely surprise him. One by one we silently killed the guards. And then we slipped into the town and laid down the bombs. "Oh crap, Ninja!” I recalled. He just had to be in there at the time. Thank god he was in his kitchen, close to the door.

I ran over to the door and decided to give him a little surprise. Opening his door slowly I took out my knife and placed it right on his neck. It took me a while to actually realize that he was sleeping so I quickly poked him in the arm and wrapped my hand around his mouth so he wouldn't scream. He turned around to see that it was me and quickly bit my hand. Wiping the saliva off my hands I said, "Ready for some fireworks? Grab your things dummy you forgot about the plan?" Ninja stared at me half startled and half tired. "I was just getting a few hours." He clumsily walked over to grab his suitcase and turned out the lights. As soon as we left the room I saw a Molotov being thrown into Aster's window and hear the word, "BOMB" comes from Idad's mouth. I see a lighter in the distance and flames going across the ground like a cheetah chasing his prey. I looked over to Aster's home to see him struggling to open his door. "Who the heck put TNT all over Aster's home with string wrapped around his home?" I asked. "Revenge," Chaos smirked. "We don’t have all day to talk about this right now and especially right here," Idad exclaimed. All of a sudden bullets came from the background and someone saying my name and Idad's. I hid Ninja away from the eyes of the soldiers and took a sharp turn out of sight. Just before I hopped over the fence I remembered the most important, crucial thing. Sapphire Coyote was still in the town.

I quickly jolted back into the pre-collapsed town to save him. Bullets came towards me, but the aiming was quite off. Looks like Aster didn't have the money to train his soldiers after I killed his supreme. I checked the string. It was only a matter of seconds before this town went to pieces. Before Sapp was dead himself. With my fast agility, I rushed around the town and hammered through Sapphire's door. What a heavy sleeper, I thought. I threw him across the room as a sign to get the heck out of here.

"3 2 1..." An explosion came from the home of Aster's home. I quickly flew over to Sapp to pick him up and basically flew out of the window. I covered his body as I fell to the floor. As we stood up, an object engulfed with flames came falling upon us. We both rushed out of the way and started to running. During my escape I recalled a man on his knees with flamed wrapping around his body. I didn't want to see that happen. My plan was to do it and get on with my life and not having to see people suffer from my doings. We looped around Aster's building that was nearly ready to collapse. Then I saw in the thick flames and smoke, Aster escaping with his life almost catching on fire. I ran after him and left Sapp alone so he can survive himself. Just as I was in a good distance within Aster, late arriving TNT blew up in my face. Thankfully it wasn't a powerful blast so it only made me unstable for a second. I looked back to see Sapp just leaping over the walls. As I did, I saw Aster's body diminishing as he left on a telepad. "Should I go, or not?" I asked myself. I took out my sword as if Aster was in front of me. I stared at the telepad with great focus. Without thinking I ran over to the telepad and stabbed it until it was un-assembled anymore. Good strategy; Aster will never be able to come to Luckyville anymore. I found the rest of the gang in the distance and caught up with them. "How many did you think we killed tonight, captain?" Chaos asks me. I grinned at his word of choice. "I hope we didn't kill Aster yet, but at least 80% off his men died today." I indeed felt like a badass as we continued to walk to Luckyville. In the background was Foxtrot burning in flames and us casually walking. MISSION SUCCESSFUL.

Not much action happened during the week, we periodically check on Luckyville to watch for scratches. Chicken Delight came back from going to the corner of the world and calling it his. I, again, said my apologies. And then there was a new person,' 'LIVELONG they called him. He was an extremely hard working soul with so much nationalism in ones town. He personally constructed left of Luckyville a trap for soldiers who attacked Luckyville, when soldiers would enter, they would have to go through a series of mazes just to get to the inner part of Luckyville, but once inside, they would receive a wave of bullets that would sooner or later, kill them.

Stormville Contested

"I saved your ass, you know?" I told Sapphire. We chuckled, but I didn't take it as a joke. I've been doing these "Invincible Man" things for quite a while now and it seems to get harder and harder. Though I kept a clear mental during my missions. Storm invited me to his town for the first time. I never actually explored his town like that. I would always be in a facility and then teled off back into Origin. It was right next to Edge which was right next to the end of the world. His town, in my understanding, was a bit unsteady. He needed an actual plotting system and more defenses. But I figured that since he was next to Simmonds, he would survive. The major problem about Stormville was that it was being contested with Aster and I. For some reason, Aster thought it was the only way to take me down so he can continue to disrupt the world. The only problem was that Stormville wasn't a very populated, well known town. It was not even close to Foxtrot or Mithondria. Maybe it was a way to get at me. TO FRAME ME

"Look man, I understand that you and Aster get along pretty well, but that is no excuse for you to make him control your town!" I tried to explain to Storm. He disagreed. He believed that Aster was at the same level as me. If Aster done bad behind his back, he won't know who actually did it. I've tried to explain some more, but I just gave up. A few hours later I saw Aster come into Stormville. The first thing I thought was that he was going to try to kill me at first sight. Though, I forgot he didn't know that I personally made the attack. "Haven't seen you in a while brother. I figured that you were dead." he said. "Well I don’t think that's the right title to replace my name with, Aster. We may have bonded together, but I know it won't work out anymore." Aster replied sarcastically, "So are you breaking up with me?" I stared at him with little joy. "Why are you here? Your life is over. I will ask you to leave." I demanded. As soon as I said that Storm came into the town and started to tell us our duties. He'll need us to be the "cops" of the town. I didn't how that will work out, but it'll sure be a try.

One early morning, I woke up in my home in Legends to check on Stormville. The sun was just about ready to prepare for work and the moon was already sleeping. I went over to Stormville to only find myself in shock. A little trolling was done, but it was a bold effect to the town. I see from the left side of my vision Aster and Storm rushing to the scene. "Dammit Zloc, what have you done?" Aster demanded. "What have I done? That's the first thing the suspect does to people. Blame a victim!" I bolted out. I quickly flew out at him wrestling him to the ground. I quickly reached for my sword below my waist and prepared to stab him. "Stop it both of you! Out of the town now, out! You guys are such bastards!" Storm said with aggravation. "I just came here, I warned you about this crap Storm. Aster did it!" I exclaimed. "There is no proof that I did it so case closed on me. We find Zloc at the scene, but Storm for your sake, I'll be the polite one and leave the town." Aster scowled. My eyes penetrated on all his movement. Storm fiercely took out his sword and pointed it at me. "Kill him and watch all you misery disappear Storm." Aster exclaimed. "Nine out of ten scientists found it affective." All I wanted to do was to end his life right at that moment, but it didn't seem quite interesting. Storm was mainly mad at me and I didn't want to die from that. I'll get him NEXT TIME.

Mass Murder

I told the group what happened and they were shocked. One by one they went over to Storm and tried to convince them that Zloc wasn't a suspect. It later worked. But Aster was accepted back in as well. So I guess the person Storm thought did it was Yu. Around July, it happened again. I just got Legends more territory and was just about ready to do my daily routines. I stopped by Stormville to only find my name engraved into buildings everywhere. I quickly left and kept my mouth shut so nobody will suspect that I did it. Thank god they didn't even though my name was imprinted there. The suspect will always try to keep their name out of the mouths of others by implanting another, I thought to myself. I hurried to Electro where I found Lucky strolling along the town's wall. I didn't want to bother his concentration so I kept away from his vision. No one else was around, but I sensed their was bad spirit.

I walked into Energy Cafe and got a glass of coffee with all kinds of sweets in it to eliminate the taste of the bad coffee taste. There is never the best maker, so why bother criticize. "Sip Number 1, Sip Number 2, Sip Number. . ." I took a long pause. I looked out the window. I stood. I slowly walked to the door and peered out. I took a deep breath and smelt the wet damp air. Booshhh. I quickly ducked and check my surrounding carefully. "Lucky!" I screamed. Lucky caught a bandit. I basically flew over to where Lucky were to be, but I didn't see him. I then heard moaning from the other side of the wall. "Oh no, no no no ... LUCKY!"

I hopped the wall to find him lying on the ground, clinging onto his chest. "Come in this is Zloc! Come in anybody!" I yelled into my Walky-Talky. I pressed my hands against his chest. "This is Energetic in Origin. I’m here with Chicken Delight and Idad. Location is Grim House, What is the matter?" I quickly grabbed the Walky-Talky with my bloody hands and responded, "Lucky has been shot, I repeat, Lucky has been shot. We are outside of Energy. Come quick. COME QUICK" Without thinking, I lifted up Lucky and ran into the town, heading to Energy's Hospital. Just then Energetic, Grim and the rest of the gang teleported to the crime scene. "What the heck is going on here? asked GRIM.

"I'll ask the same thing" I replied. Idad took Lucky from my hands and took him into the hospital. "This is Ninja, Aster is approaching Energy east. Aster is armed and dangerous with automatics. I’m sorry guys. Aster took control of Troy." All of our waists rang with the warning, but it was too late. Aster, MDJ and the rest the army came into Energy as lines. They pushed forward slowly sending bullets our way. We all went behind cover. Idad threw each of us a semi-auto and we started to fire back. Then they took cover. No one cared that this was a new town that was being demolished. All we cared for was for victory.

Minutes passed no one was in a clear stride for victory. I started to pump the group of fighters up, "This is it guys. This is what it comes down to! Idad and Sapp, take the windows of the hospital. Storm I want you to get Grim the hell out of here. Chicken Delight and Dani . . ." Chicken then interrupted, "What about Lucky, huh? What will he do? I knew that guy ever since man. Do you know how I feel right now?" I stared at Chicken with a straight face. We all did. I took a deep breath. "Luck is dead okay? He told me 'We need to worry about the present, what's ahead of us, not behind'. Get your act together Chicken and win this god damn war." Chicken went on knee, making sure his head didn’t rise above the barricade. "I don't take commands from a person who demolished my whole entire life. Goodbye, Zloc" He then ran across the field to take cover left of where we were. And then he swung around the building and was scene no more. Chaos ran after him, and I followed. If there is one way for someone to die honorable, right now will be the time.

I had to say that Chicken was a really good person with a gun. She shot down two rebels instantly. Though, we are still being buried under fire. "I’m going for it," Chicken demanded. "Everyone else will stand down once this stupid leader is dead." I quickly turned my head to him and started to reload. "Are you crazy man? He's all the way on the other side and our weapons aren't powerful enough." Chicken quickly fired back. "Listen cheap stake, who said I was going to fire here?" My eyes opened instantly once he said that. The preparation for Homicide. "Tell Lucky that it was all for him," I grabbed a hold of Chicken's arm and continued speaking. "I’m not going to let you go. We are in this together alright?" I stared deep into his eyes and tried to make him understand what I meant. But then he jerked out of my control and reloaded.

I turned away, not willing to watch another die. He went into a running position, kept his finger on the trigger and stared at the crowd of rebels. Then he rose and started to shoot at each individual one by one. I peeked out from the corner to watch the action. They didn't see him at first, but then all the bullets was being sent to him. I then lifted up my gun and tried to support him. It was going quite well as Chicken ran across the field. "We are actually doing it. Chicken Delight just obtained seventeen kills just now. What a remarkable man," I thought to myself. All of a sudden Chicken's leg jerked up and he took one more leap to the floor. Then before the bullet plunged into his head, he reached Aster. He took one last shot at him and successfully got his arm. Then he was no more. "Charge," Aster yelled in pain. "Fall back, Fall back!" I yelled back to the rest.

I looked back to Aster's army to see something unusual. Instead of them moving up, they were falling. I stared at them and watch Aster look back and jump out of the way with MDJ, still holding onto his arm. "Thought you guys would use a little, just a little help." The voice came from the radio. I stood up straight with confidence. Into the Walky-Talky I yelled, "Move forward, we are doing it. Victory is climbing!" I ran up to the scene and took out my sword and started to pound it into people’s skull. My surrounding started to move slowly and I was able to catch a glimpse of Aster, entering the hospital where Lucky was. I followed him into the hospital. Though my speed wasn't fast enough to watch ASTER FINISH LUCKY.

He had taken the sword and placed it right at the spot of Lucky's wound. I leaped over to him and pushed him onto the wall. I took out my Pixstol and raised it to his head. An evil grin came to his face, but I pressed it against firmly. "You will never kill your brother will you," he said. "That's not the correct way to describe me, Aster!" I quickly responded. I took his body and slammed it into the window, causing him to exit the room. I jumped out of the room and aimed at Aster. "The end is almost here..." I told him. "Almost..." he said with a smirk. I was stunned. What did he mean by almost? I refused to fire him, but it didn't matter. He had teleported away from my sight. ALMOST.

MDJ was still here. I ran to where the fight once was. And I repeat once was. We had obtained victory, though they were all sitting on the dirty ground and were motionless. "Did anyone kill MDJ?" I asked to the weary men. "I felt a large object rise to the back my head.”No they did not, Zloc. The known assassin am I correct? What are you going to do today huh? Fall off of Skytown and remarkably be okay?" It was MDJ behind me. I remembered that nasally voice anywhere. "I might. But I think I'll use you as a test subject first before I attempt." He then hit me lightly in the back of the head with the gun. I stayed motionless, watching my surroundings. "See the thing is, I didn't collect my weekly pay from Lucky and since he is dead, Zloc will owe me it." The crew lifted their gun at MDJ, but it was basically pointing at me.

He continued talking about the plans of war which made me quite sleepy. I watched the surroundings some more and realized that Sapp didn't come down from the window. I jerked my head to the right a little to signal the rest of the crew that Sapp was in there. "Alright guys," I started to say,” Put your weapons down and put your hands up. MDJ will get what he wants." I sensed an appreciation on MDJ's face when he lighten the grip from my arm. Then Storm lifted his Walky-Talky and said this, "Coyote on the loose end, permission to start search." Then a light drop of rain came down and touched my forehead. "There is no Coyote around this area. What is going on here?" MDJ demanded. If only Sapp aiming was okay I would stop sweating. Storm then put his lips to the Walky-Talky and spoke softly, "Please start the damn search." He then looked at me and said, "Zloc is it raining. I think you should look up to see if it's raining." I believe that Storm is the worst communicator in this situation. The worst, but I understood what he said. He wanted me to detach myself from MDJ and made a run for it so Sapp can get a clear shot.

Have some confidence in yourself in yourself Zloc, I thought. Release, roll and turn. It is that simple. "Release, roll and turn..." And then I looked at Storm, "NOW." I called out. As soon as I said that I released myself from MDJ who was just about ready to shoot me, but didn't know that I was going to roll so it was a clear miss. That's when it happened. Sapp killed MDJ, but it wasn't over. Seems like MDJ job was to kill me. He was armed with a ticking bomb and it was ready to explode. And then it did. A very powerful explosion that sent me 50 ft back, banging my head against the walls of the Townhall and falling off. I felt some shards penetreating my skin, though I was blinded by the blast and only heard ringing in my ears. I couldn't get my head together and was very cocky on trying to. I tried to move my arms to clear my face, but then I BLACKED OUT.

Unlike Others

I know you’re expecting me to say where I woke up in someone's bed or something, but that's not correct. I actually was awoken by SapphireCoyote still where I was. "Wake up, man. I hate when you just black out during important sh-." The vision wasn't sort of orientated, but I was still able to rise up. "Everybody went in the search of Aster to get over with all this ish. Our taste buds are sensing victory as an ingredient." Sapp said it with a grin. I couldn't think straight but I think I knew where Aster was, but it would be a hard way to get there, or a long way. Sapp and I teleported to Legends and I quickly ran south until I found the road. "Woah, where are you going?" Sapp said in the Walky-Talky. "To Mirrothia. Aster thinks he can mess with my mental? Well he has it wrong. Sapp, bring out AA-240" "Are you serious man? That thing hasn't been used in ages," he suggested. "I got it from Lucky. I guess he wanted us to use it now." "But wait," he said. He took a Viking hat from his pouch. "We were to reward you with this once you successfully bombed the town of Aster's. But we forgot and now is the best time to hand you this. The hat of Leadership." I took it and ran throughout the wilderness just with Aster on my mind. I took a sharp turn and then continued down the road. Lots of different random blocks were blocking my route, but my aggravation and my strength made sure that they weren't a problem. That's when I reached it. I reached Mirrothia. The last time I'd actually came here was when I was actually a citizen. I took a moment to just stare at my surrounding. I used my vision to detect who is exactly here. Aster was on the second floor of his rooms and some army members were below. "Report to everyone, I need backup at Mirrothia. THE END IS NEAR"

"Sapp, get that thing ready and come down now. We need you first before we can press." I reloaded my assault and went around the corner where the entrance was. There was a home right where the entrance was so I hid there till back up came. "Okay hot rod," I thought. "Just like he said 'our taste buds are sensing victory as an ingredient.' Just do it. Have no mercy." Just then Idad came from the corner and spotted me and came over. "The rest are on their way. Where is Aster?" he quickly said. I gave him his location. "He is in his home, second floor?" Idad said to the Walky-Talky. I nodded. "Alright second floor. Get that big hammer and get ready to invade." I interrupted him. "No, Sapp has the AA-240 in his hands and we wait after his mark." There was silence throughout the field. "Wait what, the gift from Lucky. Does this kid have a license?" That's when Idad screamed in pain. I quickly turn to see that he was stabbed by Aster. I jumped out of his reached and took out my assault and fired. I clearly miss that shot since he ducked and went behind the wall. I stared at Idad, who was coughing up blood, but then a loud sound came above my head.

I looked above to see a white object with green stripes soaring high above. The rain started to get serious and I started to hear the clashing of the wall being broke down. I ran across the town to the other end of the wall. That's when I went inside a building and climbed on top of the roof. "Now Sapp, try not to kill the allies." Sapp took a U-turn in the distance and came back toward the town shooting down the unprotected rebels. Aster crawled to the roof and stood to his feet, recognizing his surroundings. "You must be getting old if it took you that long to get here," I claimed. The first thing to do to win a fight, talk dirty. Make the opponent soak in all the words and let it get to his head. Decreases his strength by 2, I would chuckle.

He ran at me, full with the sword aiming for my head. Now this is where the tricks come in. I did a back flip off the roof and before I prepared to do another one I grabbed held of a pole right under the roof and dived into the window. It must have tricked him for a while since I was able to leave the building and shoot down 2 of the rebels to help Storm's squad. A sword took a cut of my hair from behind. "Good hit," I said as I turned around to see Aster. "Since this is the last time you may battle, let’s have some fun. Swords only, to the death," he demanded. Fair enough, I thought. It’s going to be his last fight so I'll make it worth it. I took out the sword I had gotten from Stormville with ridged sides and yellow lightning-like handle. I swirled it a little with my fingers a bit to get a hold of a grip. We starting circling around till someone made a mark, and I began taking a light breeze of sword at him. He dodged it and came back at me with a low swipe. We kept going back and forth until it became serious. Aster lifted his sword in the air and was preparing to slice my head. But I blocked it with my sword and kicked him in the guts.

I heard Sapp above again but then see started to shoot at the building we were in. It went right down the middle where Aster and I stood. I jumped back trying not to catch any of the bullets. I tried to communicate with Sapp but Aster punched me straight in my nose and knocked me to the floor. He then smashed the Walky-Talky. Well there goes my communication. I stood up just in time before before Aster did Idad's move. And then came Sapp again and he attacked the building. I tripped up the stairs and smashed through the wall falling into the puddle. My head smashed against a rock leaving me light headed for a while. Then a sharp object penetrated into my left arm. It was a quick alarm to see Aster on top of me digging the sword into my arm. I punched him with my right and took the sword out of my arm. I then grabbed my sword and stood up."AND WE'RE OFF"

I gave him a light cut at the chest which ripped his clothing and so on. I kept on attacking him and missing some but most was light cuts. But it all got to my head. I gave him heavy attacks that kept me unbalanced for a while. I took another one and missed, but Aster smashed his elbows into my spines and I flopped to the floor. From the corner of my eyes I saw Chaos coming to me, but something strange happened. Almost as if the wind took him, he was thrown back against the wall. I looked up at Aster to see him doing all this horror. I grabbed his feet to knock him off his feet. I got up with cuts and dirt all over me. "Well I see what is going on now. If you want some a fight, then you have a fight."

I dropped my sword and he did as well. Before any motion can go about I charged at him and smashed him through the wall. I grabbed a hold of his neck but a rare force threw me away. I was heading to the ground at a fast rate but I stopped in mid air for some reason. I've gain unusual force and strength with the air and ground. I let go of that energy and fell to the floor. Was I flying? I needed to signal Sapp somehow to leave the area since Aster can cause much destruction. I knew that the hand signals wouldn't work because the rear of the AA-240 was facing me. "Well, let's give this a try." I said. I jumped up into the air and tired to jump once more. It was a fail, but I kept on trying. I jumped once more, but this time kept my head up and actually thought of flying. Then it came to me and I was hovering in the air, unbalanced. Great, I thought. I flew over to the plane and went inside. Sapp quickly aimed his Pixstol to me. "It’s me, leave the area now. Aster has some powers that can cause some destruction to all." He eased down the gun. "How did you get in here?" he asked. "Never mind that," I responded. "Get the gang out of here and to Edge." I zoomed out of the plane and went up, far away from Aster's sight. I then went straight down to his position. I started to gain lots of velocity and flames started to appear. Then I saw Aster, engulf in dark matter. I put my nose down and flew along the ground. Booom!

I had him in my hand, penetrating to Origin. I had more velocity so I understood that it will take me a while to cool down. I received a powerful blow from Aster that knocked me off my path and made me smash into a undone home. I could hear the person screaming but my speed was the same. Aster was still clinging onto me, as if he was scared of the thought of letting go of me. I took his body and made it scrape the floor as I continued to fly. The pain in his face made me stop and punch him in the face. We continued to hold onto each other, punching each other time to time until we noticed were in Origin, hammering through buildings. I could hear the people screaming in the distance. "What is that?" They would say. We were then heading into RobbyZ's home but some other force knocked us off our path. It was Sim, using his unique forces to control us. He slammed us to the ground and threw us out of the town.

We landed somewhere in the wilderness. As soon as I stood up, Aster hit me with a bolt of his black matter. He repeatedly kept on doing it until he ran up to me with much speed and hit me with an uppercut. I stumbled back with great force, skidding on the ground for some seconds. "This is the end Zloc, the end is to come." I came up slowly, griming to the deep cut Aster had given me. I rushed to him, but was blown away by his powers. "There is no way you can beat me, Zloc. I am invincible." That’s when I heard voices in my head. "You are a hero you told me, so be one." It was Robby, he believed in me. But how can I attack him with no powers? "Use your natural abilities. They come for a reason." I stood straight and looked as Aster. "The world isn't meant for both of us."

I grabbed some throwing knives from my pouch and threw them at him. He caught them and did the same. I dodged them cautiously and caught some. I started to run around him, gaining more speed and so. The rain continued to fall but known came close to my skin. Aster threw some bolts at me but it was a clear miss. Dirt started to rise as if it were to be evaporated. Flames started to spark again. Aster continued with his Clear-Miss attacks. I looked at Aster to see him just standing among the dirt, charging up as if. The black matter surrounded and got thicker and bigger. "I needed to attack before his power exceeded mine," I thought. Then with one swift move, I slammed my body into his. There was a loud Banng and light appeared. I opened my eyes to see me still clashing with Aster. The light that was around us grew and I realized that it was a rare radiation light that can destroy all humanity. I gave one last push, but he did the same. I was extremely exhausted and I couldn't hold on anymore. Though, if I let go I would be slammed to the floor with so much strength that I wouldn't be able to wake up again. Then from the corner of my eyes I saw Sim, Grim, and PsychoticSmiley appear. They rushed to the scene and with their powers they separated the two of us.


I thought about my long lost family. Their hugs that would last forever. The teachings my father gave me on surviving in the wilderness, and the cooking my mother would prepare on the anniversary the world came into place. I also thought about moving into Luckyville. The "Lucky Prince" I would say. And the first time I met Aster. The strong, serious man who would get his ways. Inside he was like the foam of the mattress but outside, the surface of a rock.

I thought about the gang. The people who made me who I am. Storm, the best helper anyone could ever have. Energetic, the wise thinker. Sapp, the greatest right hand. Chaos, the strong hearted material anybody needed. Danidada, The Dedicator in all subjects. And then I thought of Idad which immediately brought me to Lucky and Chicken. It was my fault that they died. Idad, the incognito soldier. Chicken, invincible courage. Lucky, the sufficient leader. I should have taken this mission by myself but I knew that they wouldn't allow me to do that.

"Wake up. Time to wake up," I slowly got up and smiled to here Sim's phrase once more. I was back where I started. Back on the bed. Back in the house. Back to safety. "Do you not understand what you could have done out there? You almost cause an end to all." Sim announced. "It would automatically happen with Aster doing what he does. You had to know about this. How come you didn't do anything?" I asked. He stared at me for a while. I checked my surroundings once more. That's what you always have to do, check your surroundings. "Because I know that there was only one him and ten of you guys," he said with pride. "I gave you those powers because I knew they would be useful, somehow." I grinned. The wise guy. "But then why did Aster get the powers?" I asked curiously. "A man has to have fun somehow. Come out when you have time, I have something to show ya." He left the home. I went over to the fridge to grab one of his Pixel Beer. "Don’t mind if I do."

I walked out to see most of 8bitmmo standing in the center of Origin, waiting for me. A huge applause came across the scene and people started shouting my name. The Assassin Rose, The Hero, The One and Only I heard in the overfilled crowd. I walked up to the podium Sim put up for that event. He handed me the shiny Viking Hat I must have dropped during the clashing. "Thank you everyone for the applause and everything. But it is not over yet," I started. "But it is," someone in the crowd interrupted. "Aster has been missing for a week now!" The whole crowd cheered again after that statement. "Did I forget to tell you that you've been a coma for a while?" Sim said with a smirk. "So that means he isn't dead and I'll do my best to make sure none of this ever happens again. We have a community now, though we lost a lot." A tear rushed out of my eyes realizing that it is all over and we lost so much. Three people were a lot to me even though I killed hundreds. It’s all over, ALL OVER.

After the message I went over to Legends and saw the citizens finalizing their homes. "You did well, you did well Captain . . .” It was Sapp walking up to me. Out of nowhere a lone soldier came from the entrance with a sword and ran towards me. I was too busy having a conversation with Sapp that I didn't even see him. A gun shot came from the entrance and the terrorist fell to the floor. I grabbed my Pixstol and turned around quickly to see a young man holding his custom SMG at me, or where the terrorist would have been.' 'PIKACHU

"Hello sir," he began. "My name is Pikachu, but my nickname is Pika. It’s a weird name but my family was a big fan of that mystical creature. I have a stone and I wanted to ask you if it was acceptable to put it by your link town. Well not exactly but to the bottom left of Energy. I'd love to be your right hand." I turned to Sapp. That's when Ninja and Energetic came in from the left side entrance. "What going on, I heard gunshots." Ninja exclaimed. "I hope that name matches your personality. Welcome to the group." I said. I shook his hand firmly. Well everything is much settled now. I got my first town, surrounded by the best of friends and is living life long. New members came into the circle that was loyal in all matters. Luckyville was finished rebuilding. The bad were overturned and the world was a better place. It was to stay a better place for a long as I live. AS LONG AS WE LIVE

The Opening

We seen Aster Troy 2 months later and we had the whole army capture him. We took him to Troy. It was an early morning and once I heard the message I ran over to Troy. When I got there Aster was sitting on a chair, tied up with a gun to his head. "Let him go!" I said. "Untie him, let him free." Ninja stared at me for a while but understood my game plan. Aster stood up tall. He looked hungry as if he took "The Long Walk". I figured. I walked over to him and stared into his eyes. Out of nowhere with all my backed-up hatred I gave him a firm smash to the face and then pushed him hard. The soldiers thought it was the signal to start jumping him but I put my hand out to stop their attack. "Train your soldiers more. They seem to be to edged for violence." I told Ninja. "Come on Aster. Follow me to Legends and left stuff your belly with come chicken."

"So," I started. "How was your journey?" It took him a while to talk back as he was "grubbing" on the tender meat. "I thought some. Maybe it was quite wrong to do what I was to do. I took a long walk as you describe and I thought about it." He stared at the painting of me. "I’m not trying to say sorry but I apologize." I interrupted. "Say no more. The treaty will take place at Troy. Get ready to get 'Baptized'." I smirked. That shot to the face made me really happy that Aster is back. He is a kind person. Seriously, I'M GLAD

An hour later the event took place. Ninja had written a quick document of the treaty and we put our signatures on it; Energetic, Ninja, Dani, Chaos, Storm and myself. We all stood there as we watched Aster step next to the townstone ready to read the sign. "Guys, Aster changed alright? Don’t look at him as if he is the person he was before." I whispered to everyone. I don’t know how to describe this part but Aster seemed to disappear during the assembly. He hadn't touched the treaty yet but he just seemed to disintegrate.

"Close the town door!" I yelled. "Search the area!" Everyone went into full search. They came back with no evidence of this "Magic Trick". Well the magician never tells its secrets. "But where did Aster go?" Sapp demanded. They all stared at me as if I knew everything. They stared at me as if I was their leader. Maybe I was, but I didn't take it for granted. I never will take it for granted.

Unexpectedly, the journey of my career ends here. I want to quote "The Opening" because the conflict of Aster leaving the foundation of this game brought vision into me and others and can finally see the pursuit of happiness and achieving. I move on in life enhancing my town, Legends, developing a successful league of Dedicated Protectors and so on.

I would like to conclude that the events in this story actually occurred in 8bitMMO and some parts may have been exaggerated or made up, though it does not corrupt the story overall. I'm glad that you took the time to read my novel and get the primary source and only written source of what happened in the times of me adventuring 8bitMMO. All characters in this novel are real, though many are not in-game for unknown reason. I was like to acknowledge Aster for a wonderful plot and attitude he's given. If it wasn't for his "deeds", you would not see me taking my time and informing/entertaining you on the past. Thank you. 

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