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The player

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"The SimX series of PVPB was developed for outsider use in 8bitloria. While the SimX series is not the only kind of PVPB in all the Interealms, it is the most interesting. Why? Because it is a functioning suit with plenty of room that can accomodate any form that should become, literally, attached to it.

However, due to the inconvience and uncomfortablity of the SimX series, Sim9 was the first and last one to wear one. But, interestingly enough, Sim9 has reprogrammed the whole line of SimX PVPBs to serve as avatars capable of motion and speech for the beings from his dimension."----Excerpt from The Encyclopedia 8bitia

The player is what all users in the game look like, white with black out lines. It is possible to change your color using the /color command.

The Player <you> belongs to the Human Race. You use swords and you are capable of building structures.