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author: epicsponge101real

CHAPTER 1:my lawyer is a cat!

AAAHHHHHHHHH! I scrame as I fell down this black bottomless hole. my name is epicsponge101real. oh wait I should probably tell you how I got here first. you see I live in a town called sponge I'm not going to lie I'm the mayor you might be thinking why is a 11 year old running a town? good question because as soon as I was running it fell apart. I let anybody come and go to build as they please but that was a bad idea. witch was a bad idea one day actually only 5 days after I started running the town the griefers came. there was murder and illegal drugs stashed in my town. well apparently the whole popularity of 8bitt thought I hid them. they were dead wrong. the lawyer named laughy cat came to take my case for court. I was going up against the other big suspect dragobee. dragobee was a shady character in fact he lived right next to me. he was known for a bad reputation of murder, plat stealing, pug shipping ,drug using and griefing. his lawyer was named 8bittbro. laughy cat my lawyer had just arrived and I see a little paw touch the rim of the truck and then a little cat jumped out! I wasn't expecting that a real cat a real flipping cat. wow lol I cant believe how cute he looks with his outfit. well it was time for the case I hope I had a he had a plan. I was ready fo the case.

CHAPTER 2:the big court bust

it was time. I was in the court ready to present my case. laughy cat used blue beary as a witness my vice mayor told obviously judges didn't do it because why would a mayor hide stuff in his own village and sabotage himself. also blue beary said sponge couldn't buy that much drugs he has no plat or anything of value. well that was rude I thought to myself