A Town Stone is an object needed to start a town.

Town Stones cannot be placed too close together. They need a minimum of 100 blocks between town stones in terms of non-expanded towns. Between non-expanded town region borders, there has to be a minimum of 4 regions (64 blocks).

Town Stones are objects needed to start a town. It costs 10 Platinum, some players sell it for 10k - 30k gold, which makes the players who don't spend real money happy as well as much as the payers.

When expanded, the amount of regions you will gain is the amount of regions you gained in your last expansion + 8. In equation:

x = amount of regions gained in last expansion

y = amount of regions you will gain if town is expanded again.

x + 8 = y

EG: If I got 11 regions in my last expanion, I would get 19 more regions in my next.


It is now almost impossible to create a town on map 65, because there are not enough distance between 2 townstones (as there are too many towns). So you can place the townstone in map 66 only.

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