Toxic Town Toxic Town is a town. The pleases players to donate when you can. To donate/pay into the safe type "/safe d <amount>". If you are new to the town, please have a look around! The mayor is ToxicPenguin_.

Becoming a CitizenEdit

To become a citizen, notify the mayor and stand infront of the safe and type "/safe d 100".


  • 1st Rule: You may not build on plot that does not have a sign from the mayor stating your name to prove ownership. The mayor decides what is a simple accident and what is not. You will be removed from the town without refund if the mayor decide that you griefed.
  • 2nd Rule: You may not build so high that you cover any blocks behind (above/north of) yours. You may cover the road and grass, but any blocks covering the building behind yours will be removed.
  • 3rd Rule: After purchasing a plot, a sign will be placed in front of your property that will state a "Date of last renewal" and "Renew by" dates. You must leave a sign next this one on or up to 7 days after the posted "Renew by" date. Failure to do so will result in removal of your blocks and citizenship without refunding.
  • 4th Rule: Due to a quest being located in the town, you may not place a respawn pad ANYWHERE in the town. If you do, players attempting the quest won't be able to respawn in the room where the quest takes place.

Plot ExpansionsEdit

All citizens may expand their first (100g) plot up to 6 times for 125g per expansion. You must let the mayor know BEFORE paying so that the mayor may be present.

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