The transponder is an item released near the end of 2014 and potato testing for the transponder was released during octoberbit 2014 for backers who backed at least $15. The transponder can only be placed in a pocket universe and costs 3gold. it is activated with e. once activated it begins a mini game which lasts 5minutes at most. the transponder spawns waves of mobs that spawn on the outskirts of the pocket universe. The aim of the game is to protect the transponder and avoid the mobs from destroying it. during a transponder match mobs and enemy players can destroy blocks (even plat items) however blocks can be restored from previous matches for only 1 plat per match. /restorelist shows the transponder matches played previously in the pocket universe and each battle has a #id. /restorelimbo #id will restore that battle. players can enter a transponder match by using a combat pad at root, or a personal one. this makes them an enemy and they try to destroy the transponder. If the transponder is destroyed, the attackers win and gain XP and gold, and the loser gains less gold and XP. if the defender lasts 5minutes they win and gain XP and gold, and the attackers gain less gold and XP. transponders are one time use items and the mobs can destroy ALL blocks except town stones or pocket stones so always be careful before activating one. they are also a good way to gain xp since you gain quite a lot win OR lose.


Interesting Match Bug: Fridges cannot be destroyed by swords in matches, only by hammers. Fridges do not appear to have hp.

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