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Tutorial Zombies

Robby Zinchak has developed this NPC known as Tutorial Zombie to be seen and interacted with in the town of Root.


RobbyZ created this NPC to provide incoming players with the concept of playing this game, killing mobs/Enemies.  The Tutorial Zombie objective is to make the player kill a certain amount of LawyerCats and he gives you a random amount of gold coins. Though, his quests are unlimited unlike the rest of the NPCs. 


Unfortuantly, Tutorial Zombie has gone to "Tutorial Heavens", as RobbyZ describes it. To remember him always, I've established a slideshow to show incomers and viewers, the precious times we had with Tutorial Zombie and other zombie fellows. Enjoy.

Tutorial zombie was replaced by his grandson Sir Zombie Brains who gives you quests to slay lawyer cats and hipsters. He then gives you the player quests.