"It is not a boot. It is an authentic, 70s era toupe. TV Show Host Edition. Very glampunk."

How I writeEdit

My approach to fan fiction tends to acknowledge the ways in which in-game reality differs from the real world and affirm them as natural to the character, rather than import real world expectations into the game.
Some may misinterpret this as breaking the fourth wall, but the character simply does not have our presuppositions about what the world should be like and acts from a perspective in which in-game mechanics are facts of life.

Of course, it has to be balanced with a credible mindset in which the character pulls various facts into a coherent picture and gives meaning to their actions, otherwise it fails the other way, reduced to a series of 'moves' that imply an external point of view. So there is always a mixture, since we can't get all the details necessary to flesh out the character from the game alone.

Additionally, there is always room to mythologise beyond the boundaries of what is explicitly in game; there is more to our characters and their world than is shown, and no reason for it to obey our rules. The characters make their own stories to explain their experience; they might be wrong, but their belief is real.

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