aka Sam

  • I live in British Columbia
  • I was born on July 14
  • I am Male

I am setk. Owner of multiple towns, the main one being "British Columbia" or what used to be called "rental co" named after the original reason for the town's existence; my rental corporation (/tele rental co). In British Columbia, there are many other sights to see, and useful things, such as the dire farm (/tele dire) or the megasteak (/tele steak) and the first ever recyling center of 8bitmmo! (/tele recycle). Other noteworthy things: I have one of the largest egg collections, being displayed at /tele egg. I was the one who invented the "2x2" placement for mob farms (which hugely increases efficiency). I am one of the most well known players currently, and I have over 1500 hours logged into 8bitmmo on steam alone.

Most recent project(s): Project tower (/tele tower) project olympics (/tele 8bit olympics) and project "spectrum" (/tele spectrum)

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