aka The name is Sug3r, with a three

  • I live in Midgard
  • My occupation is Witcher
  • I am a member of the Borg. Resistance is futile.

Hi, I'm Sug3r. I am a 8BitMMO player, and a fanfic writer. I write about, basically, an alternate world sort of, in 8BitMMO. I use real-world sort of physics to change the way we see the video-game world. War and Adventure is a series about 8BitMMO players and possibilities in 8BitMMO. :) Read the series here.


Try out Flappy Bird: MY version!

Sci Fi Bird (HARD) You have been warned!

And yes, I coded this. Muhaha! >:)

My best is 17!

Next up: Batbird!

My very first serious project! Project Scape!


Sug3r is a veteran 8BitMMO player who enjoys playing. He likes to do coding, especially Flappy Bird clones. Sometimes he makes original platformer games. (But usually finds too weak of a programming language to support his code).

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