This is Valhalla and all it's glory!

Valhalla is the city of Vikings, where all are welcome but few ever leave. It's known for its Race Track and it's Arena. Also, it's ever growing. There are two telepads linked up to it; see below for more details.

Leader[edit | edit source]


People of Influence[edit | edit source]


Citizens[edit | edit source]

(To be announced)

Telepads[edit | edit source]

  • Bastion
  • The Underworld

How to get to Valhalla[edit | edit source]

Well go to /root first. Then, go up and right. You'll come to a group of 5 telepads, first is Sim9's town, then Bastion. Take the second one, Bastion, then start reading the signs you'll see a sign that says Valhalla, Mayor Skulleus. Take that telepad right under the sign.

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