"Zachary has been reported for repeated murder,thievery and impersonation charges. It was said by Sim9 that he is a kill on sight target and is rewarding 10,000g for his capture/death."

-Excerpt from the Encyclopedia 8Bitia

You took your chances.[edit | edit source]

Don't blame anyone for your curiosity. Curiosity killed the cat. Remember that? Well then, you might as well continue reading this anyway. 

Day: 920                                            Internal Conflict[edit | edit source]

I am 10 today. My mother and father would've bought me glorius gifts such as my first white swords like other boys did. But no. I am a cold blooded killer. With only a sword drenched and enhanced by the blood of my enemies, some food,blocks to shelter my self and some gold. I can't tell if I'm a cat or a human. I can never tell. I sometimes look like a cat, but other times I'm a normal human. I bought myself a diary to pass up some weary days of evading gold-hungry bounty hunters. I've reached an ancient temple with the goal of raiding whatever is worth of value. I heard someone by the name of DragonSlayerWei and madman2002 are also exploring the reigion with me.

Day: 922                                     A piece of ancient what?[edit | edit source]

I murdered the Wei guy and took his items. The madman2002 guy went and screamed off. Noob. He doesn't realize a dead man revives in Origin. I kept walking till I found a glowing piece of rock with some text. I touched it and then it attached it to me. I freaked out and blacked out. Then a dark man in bandages was in my vision when I woke up. He was a guy named TheKyro. He explained a legend to me:

"While Misfortune may strike you only,[edit | edit source]

there are others who are the same and lonely.[edit | edit source]

You carry the mark of 8bit, a rare item,[edit | edit source]

while hunting for more pieces to 3-Dtem[edit | edit source]

May you understand true happiness."[edit | edit source]

I guess I have something to live for now. But I wonder who else has pieces. Kyro also tells me this puzzle is called GodFall, which is a sentient puzzle which has answers to anything. I've heard reports of another person who is wanted. Probably my target.

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