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"Nothing was known about the wild man known as Zachary Quinoes. His story was only known by Sim9, but even then secrets must be told."[]

                                                                                       -Excerpt from Encyclopedia 8Bitia

Wanted: Warning[]

Welcome. This is a story that Sim9 has never wanted to be revealed. If you ever read below this, be prepared for any bounty hunters that come your way.

Wanted: Prologue[]

My name is Zachary Quinoes or by my Law Name: ZachCat891. My life is a mess. I'm an abomination. My parents were a Lawyer Cat and a Human. Maybe not even human, as my mother (a human) was a pale old woman. I'm currently running from them. The Players. Those who wants me dead. Those with powers of a god.

My pathetic life started when my mother gave birth to me. My father abandoned me and my mother. Then, a nearby Lawyer cat crept into my house. Instead of ripping us to shreads, he gave us pity and became my foster father. Somehow, the DNA of him crept into me and thats how I got my Cat/Human blood.

Later on, while my father was caressing me, a white man in a tuxedo, top hat and a white sword burst into my house, slaying both my mother and father. I burst into rage. The cat DNA turned me into a stone-cold killer, repeatedly punching the man in the face even though he was surrending to him. I couldn't stop. After all, he was the one who murdered my parents. I took my rage against him. I finally stopped when I looked at myself in the blood dripping in my hands. I looked as if I had stripes and claws. The man I killed, was a man of great respect. The Great Grim Master Death.

I started to run. I just kept running in the brown world, running past warriors who possesed great strenght, past houses with blood dripping inside them. I murdered another man, just for survival. Darkseide. I just lept at him and blacked out. Last thing I knew, I had a sword in my hand and some clothes and food. Thats how I started. And you might ask, "How old is this person?" To be honest, I was only 7 at that time and most ways I fought was through ancient Lawyer Cat techniques. This was my beginning.