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Copper is the vice (or the mayor) of all bayton towns. And pretty much always saving. When he isn't saving for anything, he starts saving on mystery boxes, cuz rare mode. He is a member of the RIC. He is friends with pretty much every user. (well, ones that actually talk) He usually is wearing wings, (sometimes 3d glasses) A space suit, and a grey brick. He is kinda new to the game, but he knows everything he needs to know. He has played since June somethingth 2016. Meep. He is extremely active. He has had the game for a few months, and has about 200 hours on steam. Although, that doesnt count 9BitMMO, so he technically has more. Owner of the 8bitmmo chat discord server. (Note: Ask him the invite!) Occasionally spams, but he never actually meant to spam. And those spambots named copperkid(random code thing) were not him! The person doing the spambotting tried to frame him after he complained. Didn't do too well though -_-. If you're reading this, spambotter, Good luck trying to FRAME somebody for spambotting when the usernames aren't even close. He is the founder of CFI, (Card Fighters INFINITY) a card game co-owned by Popachu26.

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