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"Zek_Jay started poor but worked his way to glory. Now he calls himself the "PVP KING" He is one of the most dangerous people in 8BitMMO. You do not want to cross him. Approach with extreme caution." -Sug3r

Zek_Jay is a secretive player being there... and the next minute miles away. He is NOT the PVP king, The king is sapphirecoyote (his apprentice madman2002 is also quite good at pvp) However zek_jay is quite a good pvp'er.

Zek is an extreme fighter simply profiting from PVP. No one knows him but he knows everyone. He is the guy you DO NOT I repeat DO NOT want to mess with unless you are sapphirecoyote. He has killed.... he has killed many people. But New Origin shall rise! Zek_Jay is bent on destroying evil and making a little money while he's at it.


Zek_Jay is planned to appear in War and adventure at one time or another, being a person who hires hitmen to kill Romeep, Value, and Sug3r.