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Hello, welcome to my info page. My name is William and I am a saticfied member of 8bitmmo. I currently own three towns: 

Legends, a citizen-only town with glorious plots to adventure one. Not to crowded, but good enough for a social, populated, and long living town

Beach, a very relaxing spot just along the edges of the world. Cock back and watch the still, drowning waters and th end of the world

Dedicated Protectors, a very high-class society filled with satisfying members willing to make a different within the world of 8bitmmo. To sign up, talk to Zloc6

I am also constructing many fan arts around the world and is preparing on making 2 more towns. I have my own true story basically telling people about my life. Most of it are actually true events. Because it is a game, I would have to make it seem as if it was a real event. Here is the link to my fanfiction if you wanted it:

The Life of Zloc

I am a writer of the future book, The Chronicles of The Heroes, currently in progress.

If you would like to contact me, I always zoom by the official 8bitMMO Foums so you can just send me a message and I'll get to you, ASAP. Or, you can just simply leave a message below in the comment section. Or, just talk on my Talk Page.