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"Among the many races of 8bitloria, the Zombies are probably the strangest. They have this odd habit of infecting people into other zombies. Unless they stay within their land, The Region of Rot (a rather desolate place that smells like prune juice) they begin to decay. Eventually the decomposition causes them to finally die, however, it should be noted that a Zombie can delay the inevitable by taking a bite out of another organic being (Usually a human who was too curious for his own good.) Zombies should be avoided unless you wish to join the ranks of the Undead. At which point you must head immediately for the Region of Rot lest you rot away to nothing."---Excerpt from The Encyclopedia 8bitia

5.2.12-Zombies (1)

Photo released with the patch. Zombie mouth Seen

On 05/03/2012 a patch was released that introduced zombies into the game.

To turn yourself into a zombie simply open up the shop and click races, or get attacked by a zombie. You will see the option available and it will cost you 1 platinum.

When you turn into a zombie your health will start to decrease over time. The

only way to gain health is to turn other players

A group of players infected with the zombie head equipped.

into zombies too. To turn another player into a zombie you must attack them. One hit will transform them. You can attack a player as long as they are not in orgin.

For players who do not wish to become a zombie you can fight back. Simply kill the zombie and they will respawn, reverting back into a human. Or you can simply respawn and you will revert yourself back.

A zombie attacking will be seen to have enlarged teeth drenched in blood.



  • On the day of the patch release when you turned into a zombie a "Zombie Head" would appear i

    The zombiehead as shown in the inventory.

    n your inventory. You could place this item but as soon as you reverted back to a human it would disappear.
  • As of right now if you place the zombie head and click your sword you will use the sword animation instead of the zombie mouth animation.
  • If you use the pixel gun while being a zombie the bullets will turn anyone into a zombie, the same as a zombie bite would.
Zombie Scene @ Origin

Brains. Too bad Sim9 can't get infected.

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